Doctor Visits Rob you of your Time

One of the biggest hurdles patients experience in seeing a doctor is actually setting aside the time to visit a doctor’s office. Between the commute to the office, waiting for an appointment, the actual doctor’s visit, and the commute back home or to work, it is often necessary to carve out an entire afternoon in order to speak with a medical professional. Even then, many would rather ignore simple health concerns than carve out time in their schedule to have a healthcare practitioner only half listen to their concerns and prescribe a medication that will not address their real health problems. Fortunately, there is another way.

Imagine You Could Have a Virtual Doctor Visit

Telemedicine is quickly becoming the easiest way to have your health questions answered and your underlying conditions treated from the comfort of your home or office computer. Best of all, visiting a virtual doctor helps you feel more comfortable to discuss problems you are having. No more sterile examination rooms. No more waiting rooms. Just you and your physician having a meaningful conversation using the latest advances in technology.

What to Expect During Your Virtual Doctor Visit

Before you even discuss your health concerns with Dr. Hill, a member of his staff will set up an interview to discuss holistic and functional medicine and the role you will be expected to play in your own healthcare. You will be asked to complete the patient intake process where you will provide Dr. Hill with information about your medical history and health concerns. You will spend one hour during your first visit speaking with Dr. Hill where you will have a chance to talk about your symptoms, discuss your health history and learn about the process of achieving health through functional medicine. During that visit, Dr. Hill will determine any diagnostic tests you will need. His staff will help you find easy and convenient ways to have these tests completed before your next visit. Every telemedicine consultation is done over a secure internet connection that is compliant with HIPAA privacy laws. You can rest assured that your private and protected information will remain private and protected.

Dr. Hill’s Patient Philosophy

You are a valuable partner in your health and wellness experience. Every time a lab comes in, you will be given a copy of the information as well as a 30-minute informative session to discuss the findings, their meaning and ways to help your body recover its health. After four to six visits, you will be on the road to making the necessary lifestyle, nutritional and medical choices to change your life and improve your health. You have access to a trusted healthcare provider when you need one, without the hassle of driving to and from an office. No more having to reschedule your appointment because of a family emergency or important business trip. Discuss your needs securely, from any device, anywhere.

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Step One to Becoming a New Patient

Thank you for your interest in becoming a potential new or reactivated patient. If you would like to be considered to become a new patient/ reactivated patient of Dr. Arland Hill;  you will need to complete step one. Step One fill out the form below and email the completed form to us.

Once we select the potential patients we want to move forward with. We will contact you via e-mail to set up Step Two. A potential new patient phone interview with you; and our new patient liaison Mrs. Leah Hill Dr. Hill only takes on a limited number of patients per year. So we can give each patient the time and care they deserve.

Please fill out Step One form: Potential New Patient Interview Form  E-mail your completed form to

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