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With over two decades of dedicated patient care experience in functional nutrition and a proven track record in telehealth since 2016, Dr. Hill is here to address your concerns effectively.

Stick to Four, Discover Your Core

Four intentional steps can give you the outcome you are looking for.  In steps one and two, you will examine who you are physically and mentally through conversation and advanced assessment methods.  Step three builds on your new understanding by giving you a plan that includes nutritional and lifestyle changes to regain and fortify your health and resiliency.  The most important is step four, when you realize that you gained control of your own health and have been emboldened with the knowledge to maintain and build on the improvements that you have made.

Step 1: Initial Conversation


The initial online visit offers a deep dive into your concerns and gives you a chance to be heard. Dr. Hill will critically explore your case with you and provide a well thought out course of action to pursue, including recommendations for the labs best suited for you.

Step 2: Your Personalized Lab Testing

$1,500.00 ~ $2,500.00

Advanced laboratory testing gives a window into the body.  Lab tests have become extremely advanced and insightful.  With an understanding of conventional tests and the ability to look at one’s unique biochemistry in real-time, you will be able to unlock what may have felt like a medical mystery prior to this.  This is accomplished through blood, stool and other methods for a more complete picture. Combined with Dr. Hill’s experience, labs complete the evaluation process and give insight into what your personal plan will look like. 

Step 3: Your Individual Plan

$500.00 ~ $1,000.00

Individualized means just that. While you may have the same condition as someone else, it does not mean that your support should be the same. With all the data in hand, Dr. Hill will schedule a series of visits with you to detail your labs and help you understand what they mean for you. Completion of this step will result in a fully tailored protocol with dietary, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations unique to your life.

Step 4: Maintenance

$160 / session as needed

When you start the program, you make a commitment.  This does not end when your health improves.  Dr. Hill’s goal is to empower you to make health decisions for yourself.  You will become your own healthcare advocate.  Upon finding your state of health, Dr. Hill assists in helping you maintain the changes you have made while also being there to help pick you back up when life happens.

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