Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Wins?

Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Win’s?  I am going to put your diet to the test.  Is your diet better or worse than my dog’s?  That is the question.

I should probably tell you starting out that I feed my dog’s really well.  Are you worried yet?  Let’s see how you do.

Just to boost your confidence and make you feel like you have a real chance of your diet beating my dog’s diet, I am going to give you an automatic 2 points.  One, you don’t eat off of the floor.  Two, you don’t get a crazed stare in your eyes at the site of food.  There you go, a legitimate 2-0 start for you.  Let’s see if my pups can catch up.

Is Your Diet up to the Challenge?

Half of your Diet

In the last few days this is what I saw in my dogs’ bowls; eggplant, green beans, butternut squash, and cucumber.  These make up at least half of the contents of their meal.  Not bad for natural born meat eaters.  Is half of each of your meals vegetables?  This is a tough one.  It is easy to lose a point here.  This is especially true when you consider breakfast does not often include vegetables.  If you lost a point here, don’t feel bad, you can work on it.

“Consistency Crutch”

Chicken hearts, beef liver, turkey necks, sardines, flounder, redfish and oxtail top the menu options for my pups.  I have a few other options I allow them to partake of as well.  Notice all the choices.  They don’t consume the same foods repetitively.  What about your diet?  Are you eating the same foods all the time?

If you are eating the same foods all the time, this could be trouble.  There is a high risk of developing allergies or sensitivities to the foods you eat all the time.  This is so easy to avoid.  I would hate for you to deal with reactions to your food.  As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.  Mix it up.  Step out of your comfort zone and try new foods.  What you like might just surprise you.

Grass or Grain

Grass fed, pasture raised and wild caught are the only options my dogs have.  No grain fed, cage raised, industry bred or fish farmed sources of food are allowed in our home.  And the same should be true in your home.  There are many reasons, but I am going to limit it to two.

  1. Agri-Chemical Free – You know from the content that I share that I am 110% against the use of agriculture chemicals on our food.  They are best described as slow killers.  I am not going to subject my family to this and that includes my dogs.  The same conditions that plague humans as a result of eating foods with chemicals in them such as cancer, diabetes, fatigue, “leaky gut”, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease can make animals sick as well.  I despise the animal food manufactures that take advantage of innocent animals.
  2. Healthy Fats – Good Fats and bad fats are the difference between sick and healthy.  The fat in grass fed and pasture raised animals is loaded with health promoting benefits.  In contrast, if you are not seeking out clean meat sources, you are increasing your health risks drastically.

Who win’s this round?  I hope you at least tied them this round.

Secret Juice

Ah yes, the secret juice.  You are only going to win a point here if you are on top of your diet.  Cartilage and bone have special abilities.  Our friends at the farm’s market don’t even ask anymore when we purchase bags of chicken feet and carcasses and ox tail bones.  These are a real treat for my dogs.  But more important they could be a real treat for you.

You can use each of these to make bone broth.  Bone broth strengthens the immune system and joints.  It is easy to make and gives food an incredible flavor.

Let’s Take Score

How’d you do?  Are you starting to feel convicted about your food choices or have you been doing an excellent job?

Here is how I break it down.  Give yourself a point for each one of the above that you are doing.

If you outscored my dogs, awesome!  I am extremely impressed with you.  You are among a limited number of people that have it together with their diet.  Share what you are going with others and let’s keep spreading the message.

If you tied with my dogs, you are on the track, but need more support.  You can only take action on what you know.  Let me help you.  One of the easiest places to start is simply knowing where to find clean food and what is toxic.  Here is a FREE RESOURCE I put together just for you.

If my dogs outscored you, I don’t blame you for that.  You have been the victim of deceptive advertising, industry lies and had the truth hidden from you.  Enough!  We have to get you on the right track.  I want you to immediately go to my COMPLETE GUIDE for you.  DON’T WAIT.  This will help you start to move consistently in the right direction.


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