Top 3 Strategies I Use to Help Patients Beat Fatigue

Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

You woke up fatigued again.  And by this afternoon, that slight burst of energy you had will be long gone.  When will the cycle end?  Soon enough, because I am going to share with you my 3 top strategies to beat fatigue.

Stop, These Don’t Work Any Longer

These are not the same worn out tricks everyone else talks about.  Those don’t work anymore.  The landscape has changed.  It used to be that taking vitamin B12 shot and getting an extra hour of sleep were all it took to feel energetic again.  Not anymore.  But here is the problem.  Too many “experts” think these are still solutions.  Guess what.  They were never solutions.  They were temporary patches.  So, ask yourself, are you ready for more patches or solutions?  Do you want a fleeting burst of energy, or a plan to beat fatigue long term?

Listen , I offer one thing to my patients.  Solutions!  If you are looking for anything else.  Stop reading!

If you cannot bear the thought of another day dragging yourself around or functioning off of shear will power, then what I am going to say next you must hear.  The causes of fatigue are not the same as they were in the past.

Beat Fatigue by Purging Toxins

No one in mainstream medical circles is talking about toxins.  It is the number one hidden cause of disease.  And if it will cause disease, it will certainly cause fatigue.  After all fatigue is the first symptom of most diseases.  It is the number one indicator that something is wrong.  No medical degree needed to realize that toxins are . . . well toxic.  They poison the energy producing center in the body.  If you have not been keeping up with recent changes, toxins are everywhere now.  In fact, you ingested more than your allowable limit just today.

Imagine walking into a room with 20 lights burning bright.  Everything is light up.  Now go into the same room with only 5 of those 20 lights on.  Things don’t look so bright any longer.  That is your body dealing with toxins.  Of the millions of energy producing centers in the body called mitochondria, if only a fraction of them work, you are energy depleted.  You need healthy mitochondria to produce energy.  Therefore, you need to be toxin free.

Fire The Lazy Ones

There is a reason that B12 helps beat fatigue for some people, but doesn’t work for you.  Nutrient deficiencies do cause fatigue.  When you take the exact nutrient that you are deficient in, you will likely feel more energy.  Unless you are testing, you don’t know which nutrient you need.  But remember, I am not about offering you a patch.  I want you to have solution.  Here is my solution for you.  Use your bacteria in your gut to be a constant vitamin and energy supplier for you.

I like to think about the bacteria in my gut, my probiotics, as little workers and I am their boss.  The boss expects work of his employees.  In the real world, you can fire lazy employees, but you cannot fire your probiotics.  You have to get them to work harder.  The harder they work, the more nutrients they produce.  This includes all of your B vitamins, vitamin K and a couple of key nervous system chemicals.  Wait, you thought probiotics were only for constipation and regular bowel movements.  Not hardly.  They are hard workers when you give them what they need.  More vegetables in the diet stimulate your probiotics, which supercharges you!

It’s NOT Your Hormones

Everybody thinks their hormones are the reason they are tired.  Yes, lack of hormones can be a reason for fatigue.  But hands down, the quickest way I have seen to beat fatigue is not with hormones.  It is by supporting the nervous system.  Every time you get stressed and go into “fight or flight” mode, your nervous system just engaged.  The more this happens, the more depleted your nervous system becomes depleted until you wake up one day, not realizing why you are always irritated and have the motivation of a slug.

When this happens, you can restore hormones, but that is only half of the process.  To beat fatigue, you also need to jump start the nervous system again.  My favorite long term solution for this are probiotics.  I alluded to this earlier, but here is the main point.  The bacteria in the gut produce all, not some, but all, of the chemicals your nervous system depends on.  The same vegetables that you are going to consume to help probiotics produce vitamins are the same ones to ramp up support of your nervous system.  Who would have thought feeding your good gut bugs would increase your energy.

What Next?

There it is, my top 3 strategies to help you beat fatigue.  Now what?  I want you to get the same benefit my patients are getting.  That means you have to clean up your body and eliminate the toxins.  Wait, how are you going to eliminate toxins if you don’t even know where they are?  You having more energy is dependent on it.  Go to this FREE resource that I put together for you.  Toxins are hidden everywhere in the food supply, but ONLY for those that don’t know where to look.


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