Allergy or Sensitivity, Maybe Neither. Which Do you Have?

I have found some topics to be far more confusing than they should be when talking to my patients.  There is no better example of this than deciphering an allergy or sensitivity.  The lack of understanding I have come to understand has nothing to do with the person I am trying to educate.  Instead, it is related to misinformation they have received.  In short, they have been told their reactions are either an allergy, or nothing.  But there has to be more.  How can the extremely complex immune system not be reacting if you are experiencing symptoms?

This conversation does not have to be be complicated.  I have two goals in sharing the following information, both of which benefit you.

  1. Make the complexity of the immune system so easy a kid could understand it.
  2. Show you why you are far more likely to have a sensitivity than an allergy.

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