Organic Foods have More Nutrients, or Do They?

Organic Foods have More Nutrients, or Do They?

Is it a natural conclusion to assume organic foods have more nutrients than conventionally grown foods?  Organic foods are all the buzz.  Their popularity on store shelves and restaurant menus has significantly escalated.  This elevated hype is driven by the assumption that organic foods are the healthier option?  But what if they are not?  It’s time to raise the question.

Organic Food Defined

There are many beliefs regarding organic foods.  Some accurate, though many are only partly so.  Being heavily interested in this topic for personal food production and also being a resource for patients, I had to dive into what constitutes organic.  Many will call organic free of herbicides and pesticides.  Admittedly, you and I both have likely made that assumption at times.  Turns out we are wrong.

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