Heal Leaky Gut – 5 Best Winter Plants to Eat

Most of the time healing a leaky gut requires supplementation.  Names like glutamine and probiotics typically top the list.  They do a good job and I frequently recommend them.  But even the best supplementation is limited if the food you eat is sabotaging your efforts.  I like to think of food as medicine, because it is.  One thing I learned early on is that food is either healing your body or destroying it.  That is equally true of the gut.  To heal leaky gut, the right foods are essential.

Change of Season

Leaky gut contributes to a long list of symptoms and diseases.  Most are not easily associated with a problem in the gut.  However, it is amazing the benefits one experiences when nurturing the gut.  Unparalleled and lasting effects can be seen by enhancing the relationship the gut has with the rest of the body.

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