H. pylori Infection – Hidden Cause of Your Fatigue



Hey guys. Dr. Arland Hill here with you, and I’m here with my little friend, Piper. Not long ago, this little lady had an infection, which got me thinking about you and what you might need to know regarding fatigue and infections. I wanted to share with you a possible infection that is not generally talked about very often as it relates to fatigue, but can absolutely be a big causative factor.

The infection I’m talking about is H. pylori, also known as Helicobacter pylori, but H. pylori as it’s more commonly termed, is a bacteria in the stomach. Now, here’s what’s interesting about H. pylori.  We all have it.  So, how is it an infection and how is it actually causing a problem for you and possibly being a cause of your fatigue? Well, H. pylori has the potential to become infectious, meaning that it can become a problematic organism. It can start to overgrow in number and actually begin to cause some problems. One of the more common problems that it causes is disrupting some of the cells and architecture in the stomach.

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