5 Must Buy Health Food Store Items

With my recent move back to the country, my wife Leah and I are still working through what foods we should make the effort to continue to buy from the health food store.  The irony of this is the same conversation came up when we lived in the city.  So recently I took pause to ask, which items should I always buy from the health food store.  These are the items that I am unlikely to find at chain stores, but rather specialty stores.  I felt it necessary to share this list to help streamline your shopping trips.

I have family coming to visit this weekend.  They asked if they could bring us anything from the health food store since they were coming out.  The food items that I am giving you below came exactly from that list.  This is what Dr. Hill and family requested and what we normally pick up on our trips.

Now before I start sharing this list, you should know that I still grow what I can, purchase from the farms market when available, and then use the health food store for fruits and vegetables.  The items that I am sharing here are not the ones you typically find at the farms market.

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