Should The Autoimmune Patient Eat Beef? (A Ranching Doctor’s Perspective)

It can be confusing figuring out what to eat when you have an autoimmune condition. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid or any other autoimmune condition all are influenced by our food choices. I’m going to share insight on whether or not beef should be considered in your diet. Stick around to the end, I throw in a couple of critical points that you don’t want to miss about your overall diet.


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Beaumont Presentation



Would you like to get better sleep? Memory? Or less impact from stress?


You can have all of this by simply improving the relationship that you have with food. In this presentation, I cover how the gut-brain axis connection is influenced by food and how you can benefit from it.


This presentation was delivered to the Preventative Health Group of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, TX by Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN.

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Orange Yolks, Not Yellow

Do orange egg yolks really make a difference? What causes orange egg yolks? If you are not accustomed to watching chickens in the spring, it is quiet entertaining. Foraging on grasses, flowers and bugs is their preferred past time. And the best part is, it all helps with increasing the antioxidants in the yolks and giving the brilliant bright orange yolk.


Cut Up Your Own Chicken–It’s Really This Easy

If you have ever had the first thought about cutting up a chicken, this video is for you. I am going to go step by step and show you how to break down a chicken. This video shows just how easy it can be and why you will add whole chickens as an option to buy.


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Do Different Chicken Eggs Colors Matter–Answer Might Surprise You

Eggs in the store are brown or white. However, eggs from the farm can come in several different colors. Green, blue, olive, etc. When we started selling colored eggs, logically the question came up asking the significance of the different colors. In this video, Leah and I are going to share exactly what you need to know about the different colors.


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Grass Fed Beef Benefit You Must Know More About–Antioxidants

Grass fed beef offers several benefits. Most know about the increased amount of omega 3’s, but do you know about the incredible amount of antioxidants? Grass and other plants naturally have high amounts of antioxidants. Find out how this benefits you.


Clearing Up Misconceptions About Longhorns as Beef Cattle

Did you know that not all grass fed beef is the same?

Longhorn cattle raised on a grass fed, grass finished system produce some of the highest quality and nutrient rich beef available. Dr. Arland Hill speaks with Mr. Doug Winters of Trail of Faith Ranch about why Longhorn beef is second to none and why both ranches made the decision to choose this type of cattle to support those looking for beef options the way nature intended.


Eating Too Many Chicken Eggs, Why Duck is a Great Alternative
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Eating Too Many Chicken Eggs, Why Duck is a Great Alternative

If you frequently eat chicken eggs, you should be aware that this can have unforeseen consequences like developing food sensitivities.

Variety in the diet is key to good health.  But when it comes to eggs, it seems challenging to find an alternative.  They do exist and one of my favorites is duck eggs.  Dr. Arland Hill helps you understand why duck eggs are a great alternative.

Harvest Hills Ranch 2018 -Taking Old Favorites Beyond Organic

Harvest Hills Ranch 2018 -Taking Old Favorites Beyond Organic

Who doesn’t enjoy a good pickle! Well, what exactly is a good pickle though?

Leah Hill joins Dr. Arland Hill and shares how she turned a cucumber harvest into an amazing batch of pickles that are not just organic, but beyond organic.

Dr. Hill adds in some of the health benefits to consuming these pickles that make them even more irresistible.

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Harvest Hills Ranch Jellies 2018 Sweet Treats Without Compromising Ingredients

Jellies and jam never get old. Honestly, who doesn’t like something a little sweet every now and then.

Well, this year, Leah went over the top and grew and harvested the primary ingredients for her jellies as well as going extra lengths to source other ingredients that anyone can have confidence eating.

No artificial coloring, preservatives or corn syrup here. We are going to share with you exactly what she did and how you might be able to get some yourself.