Holy Bread, The Untold Side of Gluten Free Communion

Holy Bread, The Untold Side of Gluten Free Communion

Communion, the taking in of holy bread and wine, is practiced by more people than any other religious act.  In recent years though, the use of holy bread made from wheat has come into question.  Yet, reactions to foods containing wheat continue to become more common.  With a religious tradition this commonly practiced, it was only a matter of time before a church authority figure stepped in.

Wheat has Changed

Gluten free has become one of the most popular dietary patterns.  Most restaurants have some version of gluten free on the menu.  But why the dramatic increase in demand for gluten free foods?  This movement arose out of the observation that gluten is associated with a number of conditions.  Such conditions include autoimmune conditions, cancer and obesity just to name a few.  But the real story is that wheat has changed.

The wheat spoken of in Biblical times is much different than the wheat of today.  Through the years wheat has changed.  Often we hear of genetically modified crops and have a tendency to lump wheat into this category.  The chemicals applied to wheat are also applied to genetically modified crops, likely accounting for the confusion.  Wheat is hybridized, and therefore different than original varieties.

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Autoimmune Cause Commonly Mislabeled as Gluten Reaction

There is an autoimmune cause commonly mislabeled as gluten reaction.  Gluten is a cause of autoimmunity.  It can be the culprit of your autoimmunity.  However, there is another piece to the story you have not been told.  Other items can mimic gluten.  Other substances resemble gluten.  This confusions the immune system.  Even when you think you have removed gluten, you have not removed the reaction.  I am sorry to tell you, but if this is you, your autoimmunity is not going to get better.

Why You Were Unsuccessful on a Gluten Free Diet

You tried gluten free didn’t you?  Let me guess, it did not work.  I cannot tell you the number of patients I see that still have symptoms after going gluten free.  For years I have told patients that autoimmunity is complex.  It requires experience to manage.  More importantly, you cannot simply look at autoimmunity as having a single cause.  It has multiple causes.  Don’t misunderstand, gluten can be a cause.  I do not advocate the consumption of traditional processed grains.  If you eat them, your risk of autoimmunity significantly increases.  Yet, you have already tried eliminating gluten, and here you still are fighting autoimmunity.

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