Bloating and Gas: Is Family the Cause?

We have all dealt with uncomfortable bloating and gas.  Let’s be real.  You have probably even been embarrassed by it once or twice, or even more.  We have all been there.  The occasional bloating and gas is not ideal, but it is not exactly abnormal either.  You eat something you shouldn’t have or you encounter a stomach bug are possible causes.  For the most part though these tend to pass.  Then what is abnormal?

Abnormal bloating and gas is you dealing with this every day for an ongoing period of time.  That is not good.  In fact, it is a big red flag.  If this is you, chances are you and Dr. Google have probably already formed a doctor-patient relationship.  I will tell you a little secret.  I actually was curious and asked Dr. Google myself what causes these symptoms.  The good “Doc” gave me a couple of resources (aka. search engine results), all of which seemed to say the same thing.  Yet, I noticed there was one cause that seemed to left out of all of these resources.

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