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Harvest Hills Ranch Jellies 2018 Sweet Treats Without Compromising Ingredients

Jellies and jam never get old. Honestly, who doesn’t like something a little sweet every now and then.

Well, this year, Leah went over the top and grew and harvested the primary ingredients for her jellies as well as going extra lengths to source other ingredients that anyone can have confidence eating.

No artificial coloring, preservatives or corn syrup here. We are going to share with you exactly what she did and how you might be able to get some yourself.

3 Must Have Causes of Autoimmunity
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Functional Medicine Foundation – Soil for the Soul

Functional medicine continues to gain traction as an evolving science.  Those of us that have been working in this field for numerous years appreciate the transition that some doctors are making to benefit their patients.  It is refreshing to see this upsurge in interest in an approach to patient care that centers on good nutrition and lifestyle habits.  And who wins?  The patient.  This is one of the most rewarding things I routinely get to experience.  The pleasure of seeing a patient succeed and point their life on a different trajectory.

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Organic Foods have More Nutrients, or Do They?

Organic Foods have More Nutrients, or Do They?

Is it a natural conclusion to assume organic foods have more nutrients than conventionally grown foods?  Organic foods are all the buzz.  Their popularity on store shelves and restaurant menus has significantly escalated.  This elevated hype is driven by the assumption that organic foods are the healthier option?  But what if they are not?  It’s time to raise the question.

Organic Food Defined

There are many beliefs regarding organic foods.  Some accurate, though many are only partly so.  Being heavily interested in this topic for personal food production and also being a resource for patients, I had to dive into what constitutes organic.  Many will call organic free of herbicides and pesticides.  Admittedly, you and I both have likely made that assumption at times.  Turns out we are wrong.

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Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Wins?

Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Win’s?  I am going to put your diet to the test.  Is your diet better or worse than my dog’s?  That is the question.

I should probably tell you starting out that I feed my dog’s really well.  Are you worried yet?  Let’s see how you do.

Just to boost your confidence and make you feel like you have a real chance of your diet beating my dog’s diet, I am going to give you an automatic 2 points.  One, you don’t eat off of the floor.  Two, you don’t get a crazed stare in your eyes at the site of food.  There you go, a legitimate 2-0 start for you.  Let’s see if my pups can catch up.

Is Your Diet up to the Challenge?

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