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Top 3 Strategies I Use to Help Patients Beat Fatigue

You woke up fatigued again.  And by this afternoon, that slight burst of energy you had will be long gone.  When will the cycle end?  Soon enough, because I am going to share with you my 3 top strategies to beat fatigue.

Stop, These Don’t Work Any Longer

These are not the same worn out tricks everyone else talks about.  Those don’t work anymore.  The landscape has changed.  It used to be that taking vitamin B12 shot and getting an extra hour of sleep were all it took to feel energetic again.  Not anymore.  But here is the problem.  Too many “experts” think these are still solutions.  Guess what.  They were never solutions.  They were temporary patches.  So, ask yourself, are you ready for more patches or solutions?  Do you want a fleeting burst of energy, or a plan to beat fatigue long term?

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