Does Adrenal Fatigue Really Exist?

Transcription: Does Adrenal Fatigue Really Exist?

Have you been looking in adrenal fatigue as a possible source of your fatigue? Maybe you’re getting confused about whether or not it actually is a real concern. Does Adrenal Fatigue Really Exist?

Hi. I’m Dr Arland Hill, and I’m here today to help shed a little light on whether or not you should be thinking, “Adrenal fatigue might be something I should investigate further.” Now let me give a little quick background just to give you a way of thinking about dysfunction in the adrenal gland.

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5 Fatigue Myths You Don't Want to Believe, but Do

Rarely Discussed, But Typical Reasons You Struggle with Fatigue

Transcription: Typical Reasons for Fatigue

Hi, Dr. Arland Hill, sitting out here on a beautiful sunny day with a lot of energy in the spring air. However, it’s pretty hard to appreciate this, even in the most pristine environments, if you’re feeling fatigued and constantly dealing with that. So what I want to do today is I want to share with you some of the rarely discussed, but typical reasons for fatigue. So let me run through a couple of these with you to give you a whole new perspective on fatigue, and a couple of ideas and options that you can pursue to gain some clarity and some energy.

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H. pylori Infection – Hidden Cause of Your Fatigue



Hey guys. Dr. Arland Hill here with you, and I’m here with my little friend, Piper. Not long ago, this little lady had an infection, which got me thinking about you and what you might need to know regarding fatigue and infections. I wanted to share with you a possible infection that is not generally talked about very often as it relates to fatigue, but can absolutely be a big causative factor.

The infection I’m talking about is H. pylori, also known as Helicobacter pylori, but H. pylori as it’s more commonly termed, is a bacteria in the stomach. Now, here’s what’s interesting about H. pylori.  We all have it.  So, how is it an infection and how is it actually causing a problem for you and possibly being a cause of your fatigue? Well, H. pylori has the potential to become infectious, meaning that it can become a problematic organism. It can start to overgrow in number and actually begin to cause some problems. One of the more common problems that it causes is disrupting some of the cells and architecture in the stomach.

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Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

B12 Vitamins Causing Fatigue – Here’s Why



Has taking B12, or a multi vitamin Hi, I’m Dr. Arland Hill, and I wanted to give you some insight into why that might be happening, because as most people like to take B12, they’re generally doing it for energy. They’re not taking B12 because they desire to feel more fatigue, they’re taking it for the exact opposite reason of looking to be more energetic.

But, you end up with a paradoxical type of reaction, completely counterintuitive of what you thought you were going to have, and you want to know why. And the reason you want to know why is because it gives you great insight into how you may be able to actually end up beating your fatigue.

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5 Daily Detox Tips I Always Do

Adrenal Fatigue Patient, Never Again

I will never see an adrenal fatigue patient again.  I am done.  After 15 years, I am not going to do it anymore.  You will not convince me different.  All the way from adrenal fatigue being a minimal inconvenience to it crippling someone’s life, I have seen it all.  But no matter how simple or how complex the case, it is time to move away from adrenal fatigue.  Now, I am not shunning anyone that deals with adrenal fatigue.  I am simply saying that I am taking a stance to move forward.  But why you ask?

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Why I Don't Recommend Cascara and Senna for Detoxing

Extreme Fatigue – Amazing Evidence Says Functional Medicine Can Permanently Help

Unrelenting fatigue, even extreme fatigue, seems to affect us all at times.  I bet you don’t find it difficult to think of the last bout you had.  But let me ask you something.  Is your fatigue becoming less common or more common?  More common right.  Okay, since we agree on that, do you see your fatigue getting better in the near future or worse?  We both know the answer is worse.  But before you write me off for taking negative tone to the start our conversation, stick around.  I have a a lot of positive to share.

I see fatigue as one of the most frustrating symptoms a person can have.  It is linked to everything and nothing all at the same time.  Talk about confusion.  Fatigue is associated with literally almost every medical condition you can think of.  However, most people dealing with fatigue, don’t have a medical condition.  If you ask your doctor to look deeper into the cause of your fatigue, they don’t find anything and say it’s nothing to worry about.  Still, no answers concerning your fatigue.  Where does it end?

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Even Borderline Vitamin Deficiency Can Sabotage Your Motivation

The thief of your motivation and energy may be a simple vitamin deficiency.  Yet, is it fair to suggest that it is simple?  After all, it hardly seems logical to label something as simple when it is significant enough to change your entire day.  Think about it.  Are you going to be the best version of you with low motivation and energy.  Of course not!  Without you realizing it, a vitamin deficiency could be the primary reason you dread starting each day.

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Brain Fog: Is the Real Issue in Your Gut?

It might seem logical to think of brain fog as a brain issue.  However, is this really the case?  Brain fog affects us all at times, but where do you turn when you feel like you are living in a fog.  If your new normal is not being mentally quick on your feet, forgetting where you placed things or why you went into a room, it might be time to take a deeper look at the cause of brain fog.

The unfortunate truth is that brain fog is a complaint that is ignored or pushed to the side too often.  As frustrated patients often report to me, they were told that it was simply a sign of aging.  Some say that have been told that it was linked to depression.  Others say they are left with no answers or hope and to return for another visit if it gets worse.  This later is called watchful waiting.  I don’t know about you, but that does not invoke a sense of comfort to watch and see if something gets worse.

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holistic medicine, functional medicine doctor

5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Fasting

“Should I do a fast?”  With fasting receiving so much attention, you may be asking yourself the same question.  Fasting advocates declare it the dietary approach to trump all others.  Everyone should be routinely fasting.  I say that is nonsense.  There is no universally acceptable diet strategy.  If there was, my job would be a lot easier.  I wouldn’t have to listen to patient input, order labs and dedicate my time to deciphering the results.  Instead, I could get away with recommending everyone follow pre-generated directions.

Instead, I want to apply some critical thinking to fasting.  I have been applying fasting for several years professionally and personally, but this is my first dive into writing some content around it.  I will be honest with you.  Fasting frustrates me.  Not because I am against it.  I actually lean on it hard at times.  It frustrates me because of all the misinformation about it.

So when asked, “Should I do a fast”, be prepared.  A 30 second answer is not going to follow.  This deserves more explanation.

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5 Must Do's for Overcoming Mold Toxicity
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5 Must Do’s for Overcoming Mold Toxicity

No matter where you live, you are prone to some form of natural disaster.  These are always trying times.  They challenge us physically, spiritually and emotionally.  As I write this, neighbors are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey.  The flooding was catastrophic.  Yet, what the flooding leaves behind can be worse.  Its effects can last not days, but years.  For this reason, it is important that you have a plan for overcoming mold toxicity.

Now I realize such a plan is pretty low on most people’s list.  However, I can assure you after working with patients with mold and bacterial toxicities, you should put forth every effort to offset their debilitating effects.

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