3 Must Have Causes of Autoimmunity
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Functional Medicine Foundation – Soil for the Soul

Functional medicine continues to gain traction as an evolving science.  Those of us that have been working in this field for numerous years appreciate the transition that some doctors are making to benefit their patients.  It is refreshing to see this upsurge in interest in an approach to patient care that centers on good nutrition and lifestyle habits.  And who wins?  The patient.  This is one of the most rewarding things I routinely get to experience.  The pleasure of seeing a patient succeed and point their life on a different trajectory.

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5 Must Ask Questions at your Local Farmers market

Are you asking your farmer’s market vendors the right questions? Are you even asking them anything? If not, you may not be getting exactly what you think you are.

Let lifetime farmer and functional nutrition expert Dr. Arland Hill share the Five Questions You Must Ask at the Local Farmer’s Market.

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