Super Foods: You Haven’t Heard This

Superfoods are presented as the most ideal foods to consume due to their outstanding health benefits. In fact, most of what you hear is true.

But, there is another side to this story altogether that you haven’t heard and seemingly no one else wants to talk about.

In this video I, Dr. Arland Hill, am going to share what I deem as the most important facts you need to understand when it comes to superfoods. This WILL change the way you think about using these foods.

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Patient Testimonial: Benefits of Ongoing Wellness Care

When it comes to your health, a long term view always makes more sense.

Watch as one patient explains how taking a different approach and committing to the process of restoring her health.

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Musculoskeletal Applications for Biotics Research Products

Dr. Arland Hill discusses the many options that Biotics Research Corporation offers to support musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Hill routinely implements these protocols with his own patients. Practitioners will have novel and proven options for common complaints such as arthritis, sprains, herniated discs, muscle injuries, spasms and low back and neck pain.

In this video, you will understand how to apply the different products through the phases of care to promote the best possible outcome for the patient. Patients will also benefit from watching this video and develop a better understanding of how professional nutrition can improve their dysfunction.

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Should The Autoimmune Patient Eat Beef? (A Ranching Doctor’s Perspective)

It can be confusing figuring out what to eat when you have an autoimmune condition. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid or any other autoimmune condition all are influenced by our food choices. I’m going to share insight on whether or not beef should be considered in your diet. Stick around to the end, I throw in a couple of critical points that you don’t want to miss about your overall diet.


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Beaumont Presentation



Would you like to get better sleep? Memory? Or less impact from stress?


You can have all of this by simply improving the relationship that you have with food. In this presentation, I cover how the gut-brain axis connection is influenced by food and how you can benefit from it.


This presentation was delivered to the Preventative Health Group of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, TX by Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN.

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Orange Yolks, Not Yellow

Do orange egg yolks really make a difference? What causes orange egg yolks? If you are not accustomed to watching chickens in the spring, it is quiet entertaining. Foraging on grasses, flowers and bugs is their preferred past time. And the best part is, it all helps with increasing the antioxidants in the yolks and giving the brilliant bright orange yolk.


Cut Up Your Own Chicken–It’s Really This Easy

If you have ever had the first thought about cutting up a chicken, this video is for you. I am going to go step by step and show you how to break down a chicken. This video shows just how easy it can be and why you will add whole chickens as an option to buy.


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Do Different Chicken Eggs Colors Matter–Answer Might Surprise You

Eggs in the store are brown or white. However, eggs from the farm can come in several different colors. Green, blue, olive, etc. When we started selling colored eggs, logically the question came up asking the significance of the different colors. In this video, Leah and I are going to share exactly what you need to know about the different colors.


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Grass Fed Beef Benefit You Must Know More About–Antioxidants

Grass fed beef offers several benefits. Most know about the increased amount of omega 3’s, but do you know about the incredible amount of antioxidants? Grass and other plants naturally have high amounts of antioxidants. Find out how this benefits you.


The Single Most Beneficial Thing You Could be Doing to Overcome Fatigue, but Aren’t

If you could just do one single thing to change your life and overcome fatigue, would you? It’s a sunny day and I’m outside for a reason.

Once you know why, I going to say that you will want to take this walk with me. I am so confident in that I even offer an invitation in the video.