Brain Fog: Is the Real Issue in Your Gut?

It might seem logical to think of brain fog as a brain issue.  However, is this really the case?  Brain fog affects us all at times, but where do you turn when you feel like you are living in a fog.  If your new normal is not being mentally quick on your feet, forgetting where you placed things or why you went into a room, it might be time to take a deeper look at the cause of brain fog.

The unfortunate truth is that brain fog is a complaint that is ignored or pushed to the side too often.  As frustrated patients often report to me, they were told that it was simply a sign of aging.  Some say that have been told that it was linked to depression.  Others say they are left with no answers or hope and to return for another visit if it gets worse.  This later is called watchful waiting.  I don’t know about you, but that does not invoke a sense of comfort to watch and see if something gets worse.

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5 Fatigue Myths You Don't Want to Believe, but Do

Top 3 Ways to Increase Motivation by Expert Doctors

Are you looking for ways to increase motivation?  If so, then you are a member of a much larger group than you probably realize.  Many people suffer from low motivation.  Often when I discuss this topic with patients, the response is that their motivation is not what it should be.  “I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.”  “I have trouble getting the things that I need done every day completed.”  These are typical comments.

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