Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Wins?

Your Diet vs. My Dog’s Diet – Who Win’s?  I am going to put your diet to the test.  Is your diet better or worse than my dog’s?  That is the question.

I should probably tell you starting out that I feed my dog’s really well.  Are you worried yet?  Let’s see how you do.

Just to boost your confidence and make you feel like you have a real chance of your diet beating my dog’s diet, I am going to give you an automatic 2 points.  One, you don’t eat off of the floor.  Two, you don’t get a crazed stare in your eyes at the site of food.  There you go, a legitimate 2-0 start for you.  Let’s see if my pups can catch up.

Is Your Diet up to the Challenge?

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