Nut Milk Alternatives to Dairy Giving You a False Sense of Security?

Not that I ever visited Starbucks with any frequency, but they now offer nut milk alternatives to dairy as an option.  Now if you are a Starbucks regular, you are probably thinking they are providing you a better alternative.  Not being a dairy source, there is no concern of dairy related symptoms like increased phlegm and congestion.  Yet know this.  When you place that order for coconut milk instead of regular milk, you are doing so under a false sense of security that it is a better option.

Choosing coconut milk at Starbucks poses its own risk.  You are not getting what you think you are.  This is not unique to Starbucks.  They are just providing what is in demand.  Same goes for other coffee shops.  The burden here lies at the feet of the consumer.  Your willingness to accept a nut milk alternative to dairy as better simply because it is a different is leading you astray.  You must look deeper.  Nut milk alternatives to dairy can be better, but only if you know how to select them.

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