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The idea of the Paleo diet is simple in theory, but it can be complicated for people who are just getting started. The Paleo diet is a way of eating based on the way our prehistoric ancestors ate– before the advent of processed foods (things such as refined sugars, grains, and trans fats). This means that people who follow this diet eat real, unprocessed foods. Meat, vegetables, seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds, and healthy fats form the basis of the Paleo diet.

So why is eating such a basic diet so complicated? Unfortunately, most food today is overly processed and eating it can lead to a wide range of health problems. When we walk into a grocery store, we are confronted with aisles full of boxed, packaged foods, most of which is not good for your health. Eating whole foods requires a shift in mindset and, while access to these kinds of foods is becoming easier, getting started with a Paleo diet does require some imagination and more time in the kitchen planning and preparing your meals, but not an excessive amount.

A challenge many transitioning to Paleo face is finding Paleo diet snacks that curb cravings and hold you over until your next meal. Often people plan their Paleo meals ahead of time, but often they neglect to think about what they’re going to do when 3:00pm rolls around and your stomach starts growling and demanding that afternoon candy bar or bag of chips your body is used to eating.  This is where Paleo Diet snacks can be helpful.

Wildway Paleo Diet Snacks

MUST TRY Wildway Paleo Diet Snacks

Planning Paleo Diet Snacks

When planning out Paleo diet snacks for your week, the first thing to remember is Paleo friendly foods are whole foods. Once you get started, it will become easier to pass through the aisles of packaged junk food and go straight for the good stuff: Fresh vegetables, nuts, and whole snacks that will give you the energy boost you need to make it through your day. And you will quickly realize that these snacks are abundant and simple.

Paleo Diet Snack Options

If you’re new to the Paleo diet, planning your meals can be overwhelming enough, let alone planning snacks to fill the time between meals. These simple Paleo diet snack ideas require little to no preparation and are great for people who are new to the diet, or the seasoned Paleo eater who is looking for an easy snack option.  With Paleo Diet snacks you will feel confidence that you are giving your body what it needs, not what is available.

TASTY Nick's Stick Paleo Diet Snacks

TASTY Nick’s Stick Paleo Diet Snacks

  • A handful of raw nuts: While nuts should not be consumed in excess on a Paleo diet, a handful of nuts is filling and will boost your energy. Raw nuts are best; you can also buy a simple trail mix, but be sure to check the ingredient list for hidden sugars or processed components.
  • Fresh vegetables: A medley of raw vegetables can make great Paleo diet snacks. Cut up some carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and do some guilt-free snacking.
  • Beef jerky: Beef jerky makes a filling Paleo diet snack and will give your body a protein boost. When buying beef jerky, be sure to read through the ingredient list to make sure it is Paleo friendly. Better yet, you can easily make your own with a dehydrator.
  • A piece of dark chocolate: Sugar lovers rejoice! Dark chocolate is Paleo approved. Eating a small piece will cut sugar cravings and the antioxidants in dark chocolate will detox your body and give you a nice energy boost. But remember, not all chocolate is equal. You are looking for the highest percentage of dark chocolate available, which is usually greater than 80%.
  • Nut butter plain or with fruit: Nut butter is satisfying and filling. You can eat nut butters plain, or eat them with sliced apples, on a banana, or with celery sticks.

With these easy Paleo Diet snack options you will find renewed energy and will feel good about not having choose the standard American Diet foods that rob you of good health.

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