Before You Detox, Consider a Pre-Tox

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Before you plan a detox, consider implementing a Pre-Tox.  What is a pre-tox you ask.  It is the preparation you must do to get the most out of your detox.  Nearly everyone will benefit from doing a detox.  But in my experience, those that pre-tox always get more benefit than those that don’t.

Preparation is Key to Success

I highly recommend that my patients detox.  The best detox programs focus on supporting your body’s own detox systems.  After all, if you could not detox on your own, you could not handle the numerous environmental toxins that you are exposed to daily.  Good detox programs require specific nutrients that make toxin elimination efficient.  Unfortunately, many detox programs focus on using herbs and stimulants that purge the body, without providing true detoxification.  And they are certainly not prepping the body before hand.

It is critical to prep the body for detox.  Not just to get the most out of it.  Also to prevent “detox reactions”.  Detox reactions arise when all detox systems don’t work together optimally.  Think about it like your car.  If just one tire is flat, the car does not move even though nothing else might be wrong with it.

I have literally seen individuals lose up to 14 lbs in 14 days when prepping their body for a detox.

Your Pre-Tox Plan

There really is no reason to have a detox reaction.  More over, if you are going to detox, shouldn’t you get the most out of it?  Of course.  So let me share with you 4 simple steps.  These will not just prepare the body for detoxification.  They will also continue to help you remove toxins after the detox process is complete.  More importantly, the reduction in headaches, weight loss, increased energy and clearer brain are maintained.  You cannot beat that.

Enjoy the Waterfall

All of the toxin elimination routes of the body require water.  Sweat, urine, stool, and your breath are all part water.  The more hydrated you are, the easier it is to produce urine.  You eliminate toxins through your sweat more easily.  Toxins need to be in a water form to be eliminated.  This alone emphasizes the need to consume adequate water.

When you are dehydrated, you are not just thirsty, you are weaker.  Water is energizing, especially from clean sources.  Equally, it energizes your detox elimination systems.

Exhale the Toxins

Deep breathing is often associated with stress reduction.  But of course, there is no need for you to engage in deep breathing because you are not stressed.  Yeah, right!  Everyone is stressed.  I don’t have a single day working with patients that someone does not tell me they are overwhelmed by stress.  Most people perceive the stress they are under as mental.  But there is more.

Stress is also physical.  If you are under stress.  Your body is not in a relaxed state.  Most automatic functions in the body, including detoxin

g, take place when it is relaxed.  A simple way to shift your body out of stress state and into a relaxed state of optimize detox is to take deep breathes.  Breath in through the mouth and out through the nose as deeply as you can for several minutes.  This calming activity will tell your body that it is free to detox.

Night, Night

Everything in your body, including detoxing, happens based on cycles.  These cycles are set by the rising and setting of the sun.  When you are asleep, the detox process is more efficient.  There is less demand from other systems and the liver can process toxins more efficiently.  However, this does not happen if you stay up late.  Going to bed late shifts your light and dark cycle.  Detoxing that occurs when resting is unable to take place when you are awake past your bed time.  Go to bed if you want to eliminate fat storing, energy robbing toxins.

Bulk Up

We are not talking about going to the gym and pumping up like a bodybuilder.  Instead, I want you to bulk up your stool.  This is a must for any pre-tox.  The more volume your stool has, the more toxins it can gather up to eliminate.  Fiber helps bulk stool.  Think about it as a garbage truck.  The more fiber you ingest, the bigger the garbage truck.  The bigger the truck, the more garbage it can carry away.  Your garbage are toxins that you eat, drink, breath and come into contact with.  That’s a lot of toxins and requires a big garbage truck, aka fiber.

One word of caution here.  Not all fiber is the same.  It is always best to get your fiber from the diet by increasing vegetables.  However, there is nothing wrong with boosting your pre-tox and detox with the right fibers.  These include chia seed, flax, pectin and modified citrus pectin.  Avoid fibers like psyllium.  These can bulk your stool very quickly.  I have seen too many patients, especially those more prone to constipation actually get worse when using psyllium on their own.  Avoid it.  Your gut will thank me.

How Long Should You Pre-Tox

Considering a detox without pre-toxing seems illogical now that you understand the added benefits.  This preparation period should last at least 3 days.  Longer is better though.  Seven or more days is optimal.  After prepping appropriately with the recommended steps, you will want to transition right into a detox.  But not just any detox.  You are looking for long term toxin elimination, not a quick-fix purge.

To eliminate the confusion that seems to swirl around detoxes, I have put together a complete detox course that is second to none.  I call it the Rapid Recovery Detox Course.  You can start taking advantage of all of the benefits right away by clicking here.

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