Post Virus Fatigue – 5 Reasons You Are NOT Recovering

Post virus fatigue has a tendency to linger on.  Anyone that has ever dealt with the flu can vouch.  Yet, even the most severe flu associated fatigue will rebound in time.  But what if it does not?  What if the fatigue drags on for months, and even years.  You will likely start to think you are one of the unfortunate ones who seems destined to suffer from unrelenting fatigue.  And the likelihood from comments I have heard from those just like you is that you have tried resting, napping, medications and even taking control yourself.  Unfortunately, you only feel marginal improvement at best.

Rest assured your fatigue is real.  And viruses are a well established cause.  The logical connection is that the virus is causing the fatigue.  This seems even more logical if your doctor has found evidence of a virus or you have a history of one, for example “mono” (infectious mononucleosis).  In reality, this connection may not be as straightforward as it appears.

Post Virus Fatigue – Is a Virus the Wrong Diagnosis?

Is a viral infection the appropriate diagnosis to explain your fatigue?  Sufficed to say, a yes or no answer will not do.  In fact, you may have an active infection that is not the primary cause of your fatigue.  Ironic as that seems, it creates more questions.  Primarily, what then is the cause of the fatigue and what action, if any, should be taken against the virus.

Let me present a different way of looking at your situation.  I will start by stating a fact.  Viruses are common.  Many have been infected with a virus.  In your experience, it is likely that you have been told you have evidence of a virus such as Epstein -Barr (EBV), the virus that causes mono, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Herpes Simplex (HSV), Varicella-Zoster (VSV, cause of chicken-pox and shingles), etc.  Many, myself included, dealt with chicken-pox at a young age.  Why do some suffer the lingering effects of a virus, while others do not?  This is the heart of the matter.

In post virus fatigue, we have to alter our thoughts.  We cannot simply blame the virus as the cause.  We must also question why the immune system is failing to constrain the virus.  Again, many suffer from viruses.  Some suffer their lasting effects.  What is the difference?  Maybe more importantly, can something be done about it?  Not to keep you in suspense, the answer is yes.  The remainder of this article will focus on what is promoting your post virus fatigue.

Make Sure Your Are Looking for Answers in the Right Place

As we have seen up to this point, chasing a virus is not the answer.  So stop placing your hopes and desire for energy in efforts that remain unproductive.  The answer is much more fundamental.  Provide your body the resources it needs to internally manage the viral infection.  Give your body more credit and acknowledge that with replacing what the body demands to function and removing hurdles, energy can be regained.

With the understanding that the virus cannot be the sole point of focus, I think you are ready to learn the 5 reasons post virus fatigue continues to plaque you.

The “Non-Stimulant” Anti-viral Stimulant

What exactly is a stimulant?  In the case of your immune system, simply providing the resources it requires for optimal function can appear as a stimulant when they are replaced.  Many, and this likely includes you, have become accustomed to a poor functioning immune system.  This low level of function has been your norm for so long, it is accepted without realization.  Now think of the impact if you knew specifically what your immune system was missing and replaced it.  All of a sudden the “light came on”, so to say.  The immune system has the spark it needs, functions as it should and can now keep a virus under control.

Such precursors are not fantasy.  They are real.  And they can do exactly what I stated.  They can allow the immune system to self-regulate, better identify problems and manage them internally.  Such precursors are nutrients.  You may call them vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.  Regardless of what you call them, knowing which nutrients your immune system needs, as accomplished through micronutrient testing, gives you a significant advantage over a virus and post virus fatigue.

Vitamin Daylight

I once had an acquaintance that referred to vitamin D as vitamin Daylight.  Seemed goofy when I first heard it, but actually makes perfect sense.  Vitamin D is an interesting compound.  Now, just in case you are one of those that does not respect the role that nutrients have in our health, maybe you will at least acknowledge that hormones are important.  If this is the case, then you will have little problem agreeing that just as other hormones can affect the immune system, so too can vitamin D, since it is in fact a hormone.

Vitamin D, again actually “hormone D”, is so deeply linked to the immune system, that ignoring its role is almost a guarantee you will continue to suffer with post virus fatigue.  From controlling inflammation to helping distinguish a virus from a bacteria, vitamin D is unparalleled in maintaining the normal function that offsets fatigue.

Hormonal Symphony Out of Tune

Since I declared that vitamin D was truly a hormone, it only makes sense for me to elaborate more on the topic of hormones.  With unprecedented numbers of guys visiting Low T (testosterone) centers and women being told that they need to be on hormone replacement for the last 50 years, it is really a stretch to say that most people have problems with their hormones.  Now, don’t miss the primary point.  Hormone replacement therapy is not my recommendation.  I am suggesting that if you think about hormones for improving sex drive and good looks, their benefits with regards to viruses may be overlooked.

I titled this section “hormone symphony” for a reason.  Hormones, while rarely considered for viruses, or any other aspect of immune function, work together to create balance in the body.  Focusing on a single hormone, while ignoring others, promotes imbalance.  Imbalance creates dysfunction.  Fatigue is a symptom of dysfunction.  Now ask yourself, what if I reverse the process.  Does creating hormonal balance, like a well orchestrated symphony, alleviate dysfunction.  Yes, it does.  It even empowers your immune system to effectively control viruses.

Chem Trails in Your Food

Chem trails are the idea that chemicals are released into the sky by aircraft intentionally.  Whether you agree or disagree with this is not relevant.  What is relevant is that chemicals are being added to the food supply and at a rate that should be incredibly alarming to you.  There is literally a traceable trail of chemicals in our food supply.  The data has now reached a magnitude so high that medical journals are vigorously publishing articles attempting to clarify the story.

The truth is the story needs no additional clarity.  It is very clear.  I think it would create little discord with you if I said that cancer is one, if not the most blatant example, of a dysfunctional immune system.  In an effort not to minimize cancer, chemicals found in the food supply, notably glyphosate, have been linked to cancer, to the point that the justice system has started awarding victims of exposure with settlements.  Are these known chemicals a contributor to your immune dysfunction and post virus fatigue?

I Have a Gut Feeling Where the Issue Is . . .

Do you know where approximately 80% of your total immune function is at?  Before I divulge the answer, let’s first ask a question.  Would it be logical to expect your immune system to carry out its many role, only working at 20% efficiency.  Of course not you say.  I agree.  Which means, if you are trying to manage a virus running at an 80% deficit, well good luck.  But you can get that 80% back.  All it takes is balancing the environment in the gut.

You may initially think you have no issues in your gut.  Everything is fine.  Don’t worry, others have been wrong about this also. Gut symptoms are subtle at times, but the underlying dysfunction is significant.   Imbalances in probiotics, harmful organisms that we call pathogens and parasites create inflammation and lurk in your gut.  They deny you of the 80% of your immune system you so desperately needs to overcome post virus fatigue.   The right stool test can give answers and put you on the right track.

The virus may be present, it may even be active.  Those are important facts.  However, if you are confronting a virus that is linked to your fatigue, you need to know more than whether a virus is present or not.  Can you manage the virus from within is the real question.

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