Paleo Diet Snacks: An Important Part of the Paleo Diet


Many people on the Paleo diet try to plan their meals so that they are delicious and filling, requiring little snacking throughout the day, but when hunger strikes, it is always smart to have some Paleo diet snacks ready. The Paleo diet is a ‘back to basics’ diet, which revolves around eating healthy, unrefined, non-GMO food that is in its natural state. More and more people are choosing to live this lifestyle as the benefits of a Paleo diet become more widely known.

Why are Paleo diet snacks important?

  • Paleo diet snacks are healthy! Think of snack time as an additional way to get your body more whole, healthy foods. At snack time you can incorporate things into your diet you may be lacking in meals. For example, if you ate a vegetable-rich salad for lunch, perhaps you will use your afternoon snack as a way to get more protein. Incorporating Paleo diet snacks into your day is also a great way to ensure that you do not overeat at mealtime. If you let yourself get to hungry leading up to lunch or dinner, you will find yourself eating quickly and eating larger portions then you need to. Get more nutrients and eat healthier by incorporating Paleo diet snacks into your day.

    TASTY Nick's Stick Paleo Diet Snacks

    TASTY Nick’s Stick Paleo Diet Snacks

  • You have a better chance of succeeding: People who do not succeed in diets often do so because they do not plan properly. When you are trying to follow the Paleo lifestyle, you have to be constantly prepared. Having Paleo diet snacks on hand will ensure that you are never caught in a situation where you have nothing to eat. This can happen if you end up at a restaurant or a social gathering where there are no Paleo options. Maybe you are on the road traveling often. This can make it difficult to find Paleo approved food. These are examples of situations where people simply eat the food that is available to them. Avoid this situation by always having healthy Paleo diet snacks on hand.
  • Control cravings: Changing your diet is essentially changing habits. You are changing the way you eat, which is a habit-forming activity. Your body becomes addicted to processed grains and sugars, and when you give those things up, you will experience cravings. The best way to control these cravings is by substituting unhealthy foods for whole, healthy snacks. If you used to eat a candy bar every evening before bed, go for a spoonful of nut butter or coconut oil instead. If you used to eat a bag of chips with lunch, eat crunchy vegetables. You will quickly notice your body craving these healthy alternatives that make you feel great.

    Wildway Paleo Diet Snacks

    Wildway Paleo Diet Snacks

Planning out Paleo snacks:

  • Prepare ahead: An important part of a Paleo diet is planning out meals. This involves extra preparation and ultimately more time in the kitchen. Many Paleo diet snacks can be made ahead of time so set aside some time on your days off to prepare some healthy, whole snacks for your week.
  • Keep it simple: Paleo diet snacks do not need to be complex; the Paleo lifestyle can be a simple, basic way of eating. Grab a piece of fruit; keep some Paleo-approved granola bars in the glove compartment of your car or your desk at work; grab a smoothie instead of a soda. There are many simple ways to incorporate easy Paleo diet snacks into your day that take little thought or preparation.
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