Is it Time to Divorce Your Food?

Thyroid Fatigue – Why You Will Never Feel Better

Does your thyroid fatigue seem like an endless mystery with no solution in sight?  I hate to say this, but your future doesn’t look much brighter either.  Going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, will result in you still waking up tomorrow morning questioning how you are going to get out of bed, much less tackle your “to-do” list.  Doesn’t that bother you?  Surely, someone must have an idea of how to help.  With all the advancements in medical technology, why has no one figured out how to improve thyroid fatigue?

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Post Virus Fatigue – 5 Reasons You Are NOT Recovering

Post virus fatigue has a tendency to linger on.  Anyone that has ever dealt with the flu can vouch.  Yet, even the most severe flu associated fatigue will rebound in time.  But what if it does not?  What if the fatigue drags on for months, and even years.  You will likely start to think you are one of the unfortunate ones who seems destined to suffer from unrelenting fatigue.  And the likelihood from comments I have heard from those just like you is that you have tried resting, napping, medications and even taking control yourself.  Unfortunately, you only feel marginal improvement at best.

Rest assured your fatigue is real.  And viruses are a well established cause.  The logical connection is that the virus is causing the fatigue.  This seems even more logical if your doctor has found evidence of a virus or you have a history of one, for example “mono” (infectious mononucleosis).  In reality, this connection may not be as straightforward as it appears.

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Functional Medicine Parasite Testing - Dangerous Bug Identification at Its Best

Functional Medicine Parasite Testing – Dangerous Bug Identification at Its Best

Functional medicine parasite testing may be a completely new topic for you.  Like many, you likely thought that all testing for parasites was the same.  Take a stool test with your doctor and treat what shows up.  However, there are differences, and not just small ones.  With recent outbreaks seen at fast food chains and a pattern of showing up in the food supply every couple of years, you may very well be at risk.  If so, this means that knowing that there is a difference between parasite tests and which ones to avoid could come in pretty handy.

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Why I Don't Recommend Cascara and Senna for Detoxing

Stop! Don’t Take Iron for Anemia Fatigue Until You Watch This

Just been told you have anemia and now you need to take iron, right? Wrong! Iron may be the last thing you need, even if you have an iron deficiency anemia.

Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN explains why the best action to take for iron deficiency anemia may be to do the exact opposite of what the conventional model suggests. Click the video below to watch, enjoy, and don’t forget to subscribe!



3 Tests Every Fatigued Female Must Have

Are you a female struggling with fatigue? Did you know that there are 3 lab tests that could help you create endless amounts of energy every day.

Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN has explored numerous options to help his fatigued challenged female patients. In his expert opinion, if you don’t know your numbers on these 3 tests, you will always struggle with fatigue.

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No Land to Plant- Perfect Back Porch Edible Landscape

No Land to Plant- Perfect Back Porch Edible Landscape

“I live in the city and don’t have anywhere to plant anything.” Yep, I’m guilty of telling myself that same lie.

I had plenty of places to plant once I stopped limiting myself to traditional planting models. You do too. My wife Leah is a pro at setting back porch edible landscapes.

In this video, she joined me, Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN, to give you an up close and personal view of her personal masterpiece on our own back porch.

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Would Your Doctor Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?

Grass Fed Beef- The Best Fatigue Fighting Food

Energy drinks, caffeine, and sugary snacks are nothing more than quick energy fixes. Do you want an energy fix, or real lasting energy?
If you said lasting energy, the next question is why have you not considered Grass Fed Beef done the right way?
Grass Fed Beef, not your supermarket meat counter beef, is second to none for energy production. Dr. Arland Hill shares what is different about his Grass Fed only cows and what they provide to help him keep his energy levels high.
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3 Must Have Causes of Autoimmunity
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Functional Medicine Foundation – Soil for the Soul

Functional medicine continues to gain traction as an evolving science.  Those of us that have been working in this field for numerous years appreciate the transition that some doctors are making to benefit their patients.  It is refreshing to see this upsurge in interest in an approach to patient care that centers on good nutrition and lifestyle habits.  And who wins?  The patient.  This is one of the most rewarding things I routinely get to experience.  The pleasure of seeing a patient succeed and point their life on a different trajectory.

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Fatigue After Antibiotic – Over-prescribed Medication Dirty Secret

Fatigue after antibiotic use may not simply be the result of attempting to overcome an infection.  200 years ago, pharmaceutical antibiotics did not exist.  100 years ago they were hailed as one of the greatest life saving discoveries of the time.  Today, they may well be the most overlooked contributor to your low energy, along with a long list of other side effects that are even worse.  Has the time come where we are better off without antibiotics?

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Push Through Fatigue or Sleep In – Will You Make the Wrong Choice?

Should you push through fatigue or sleep in?  Chances are, you are making the wrong choice.  Fatigue can feel overwhelming as is, so the last thing you want to do is make a choice that keeps you spiraling down the path of low energy.  Too many times I have heard, just push through fatigue.  But did pushing through fatigue ever actually help the fatigue?  Let’s take a deeper look.

Push Through Fatigue and Just Get it Done

I do admire a “go-getter” attitude, but sometimes it can get us in trouble.  We tend to throw caution to the wind for the purpose of achieving an end goal or being able to check off items on our “to-do” list.  While this helps us feel better about what we accomplish, it does not do much for fatigue.  In fact, over time, this approach is typically making fatigue worse.

Approach your want to get things done like a bank account.  If you only take from the account and never replenish the funds in it, you end up with no monetary reserves, and likely in debt.  If you only take from your body’s energy account and don’t give back to it, this is called energy debt.  Energy debt is the result of not getting the right nutrients in to produce energy while also not allowing the body the opportunity to recover each day.

There has to be a better way.

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