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5 Must Do’s for Overcoming Mold Toxicity

5 Must Do's for Overcoming Mold Toxicity

No matter where you live, you are prone to some form of natural disaster.  These are always trying times.  They challenge us physically, spiritually and emotionally.  As I write this, neighbors are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey.  The flooding was catastrophic.  Yet, what the flooding leaves behind can be worse.  Its effects can last not days, but years.  For this reason, it is important that you have a plan for overcoming mold toxicity.

Now I realize such a plan is pretty low on most people’s list.  However, I can assure you after working with patients with mold and bacterial toxicities, you should put forth every effort to offset their debilitating effects.

Water Can Breed a Natural Disaster Behind Every Wall

Hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding can all leave moisture in undesirable places.  This is especially true behind walls and in dark areas.  If you have an area that became wet, or even damp during a storm, assume that you have a breeding ground for mold until you do not.  After first getting the areas dry, follow up action is required.

Mold grows fast.  Don’t assume it is not growing.  You want to treat the area quickly, but before you do, let’s discuss what your plan should look like.  This is the plan I use with patients, that I treat with and that I personally use to protect myself and my family.

All This From Mold

You have seen mold or bacteria growing in the kitchen or outside and thought, “Oh, that is not big deal.”  Take a look at the list of symptoms below that are attributed to mold and tell me if you still think these are not a big deal.

  • Fatigue – probably the number one symptom I see most commonly.  Better stated as unrelenting, persistent, and sometimes debilitating fatigue.
  • Headaches – it doesn’t take long being around mold to start getting headaches.  This is even true for those that are not toxic.
  • Autoimmune ConditionsAutoimmunity is an abnormal, ongoing response by your immune system against you.  Symptoms are countless.
  • Outbreaks on the Skin – Turns out those unsightly spots on the outside of you could be related to what is inside of you
  • Aches and Pains – These can be any where on the body and are sometimes worse in the morning.
  • Poor Mental Function / Concentration and Brain Fog – Could the cloudy feeling in your head by from the cloud of mold of bacteria you inhaled?

Have a Plan for Overcoming Mold Toxicity

Now that we are on the same page about how serious exposure to toxic molds and bacteria can be, let’s talk about the details of a plan for overcoming mold toxicity.

  1. Silver – I am not talking about jewelry or money, but I am referring to the metal.  Silver is a powerful mold and bacteria killer.  Great news for humans is that it is incredibly safe.  The liquid and gel form can be applied with a Q tip into the nasal cavity for protection and treatment.
  2. Essential Oils – Some of nature’s best mold and bacteria killers are essential oils.  No plan for overcoming mold toxicity should be without them.  Oil of oregano, lemon, peppermint, menthol, spearmint and cinnamon are just a few proven options.
  3. Masks – Breathing in mold spores is the most common route of exposure.  Seriously, how hard is it to put a mask on.
  4. Nutrition – The easiest attack mold will have on your immune system is when it is weak.  A weak immune system is often the result of nutrient deficiencies.  Having all the immune system nutrients gives it a fighting chance to overcome toxic molds and bacteria.
  5. Get a Professional – When in doubt about mold exposure, get a professional inspector to scan your home.  If you suspect it, it is probably there, even when you cannot see it.  A professional will you special equipment to reveal hidden molds.


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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I was recently told I suffer symptoms of mold exposure and to start neem leaf supplements. Would that help? I do have mold in my house.

  2. Pam DeNeve
    Pam DeNeve says:

    Thieve’s oil in a diffuser will bind the mold spores and drop them to the floor. It’s supposed to kill mold, as well. We also run air filtering machines throughout the house.


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