Proof the Gut is NOT the Cause of Autoimmunity

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I have proof the gut is not the cause of autoimmunity.  I know this is the complete opposite of everything that you have probably been told or read online.  That said, I firmly stand my position.  I will proclaim that the gut is not the cause of autoimmunity because I have definitive proof.  Don’t believe all the hype.  If you zero in on the gut as your target for addressing your autoimmune condition, you are doomed.  You will fail.

John Had to Learn the Hard Way

Proof the Gut is Not the Cause of Autoimmunity

Proof the Gut is Not the Cause of Autoimmunity

A few years back John presented to my clinic.  He was a working professional, husband and father of 2 boys, that had been struggling with something that was extremely embarrassing to him.  John hung his head just talking to me about it.  The first time we visited, I asked him to show me the source of his ongoing frustration.  Looking back at me with a blank face, he reached down and started to roll up the leg of his pants.  It wasn’t put a few seconds before I could really see where all this frustration had been coming from.  John said to me,”It’s bad.  I have had psoriasis like this for several years.”

In a defeated voice, he shared with me why he was in my office.  “Doc, I have tried creams, risky medications and been to several natural doctors trying to get some relief.”  I always like to know what has worked and what failed prior to someone visiting with me.  Knowing that medications were not the direction John wanted to go, I asked, “What have the natural doctors offered that you saw benefit with?”  John had undergone a treatment process for bacteria and fungus.  I saw a little glimmer of hope when he talked about it.  Unfortunately this quickly faded when he recalled that the effects only lasted about 2 months.  Why?

Proof the Gut is Not the Cause of Autoimmunity

Let me share with you how the rest of John’s story played out.  But before I do, I want you to understand why he got the results he did.

I told you I would give you proof the gut is not the cause of autoimmunity.  So here it is.  The gut cannot be the cause of autoimmunity.  There are multiple causes of autoimmunity.  This means that one sole area of dysfunction in the body will not result in autoimmunity.  In fact, it requires multiple factors.  There are causes, with an “s”, of autoimmunity.  Targeting the gut as the only area of dysfunction will result in failure every time because it is not the only area that requires support.

I want you to understand better, so let me present this differently.  Below are the 3 primary causes of autoimmunity and the 3 amplifiers of autoimmunity.

3 Causes of Autoimmunity

Proof the Gut is NOT the Cause of Autoimmunity

Proof the Gut is NOT the Cause of Autoimmunity

  1. Gut Dysfunction – imbalanced bacteria, fungus, viruses and possible parasites and the infamous “Leaky Gut”.
  2. Environmental Triggers – chemicals, foods, toxins, viruses, metals, etc.
  3. Genetic Predisposition

3 Amplifiers of Autoimmunity

These make autoimmunity worse and harder to control.

  1. Nutrient deficiencies
  2. Hormone Imbalances – especially too much estrogen
  3. Poor Food Choices

There you have it.  The causes and amplifiers of autoimmunity.  None any more relevant than another.  They all have their role to play.  Each must be addressed.  Certainly you can also see why I say that I have proof the gut is not the cause of autoimmunity.

What about John?  As you have figured out, I didn’t just thoroughly investigate the gut.  I also looked at each of the aforementioned causes and amplifiers.  Within 2 months, John started seeing consistent and ongoing improvement of his psoriasis.  More importantly, he also started developing a new sense of confidence that he did not always have to wear long pants and feel embarrassed.

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