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Why your doctor is not going to recommend the Paleo diet

What is wrong with the way Doctor’s practice medicine?

Not too long ago, I was enjoying time with some of my friends. Some know me pretty well and are familiar with my message about how necessary a good diet is for our health. Some of the other people there were acquaintances and not so familiar with my message. But they are beginning to question and understand. Luckily most of my friends are in the medical/pharmaceutical field, you can imagine those conversations! But really it’s an opportunity for us to take the pulse and discuss why the United States is in this health and medical crisis.

Recommend the Paleo Diet

Recommend the Paleo Diet

What is the Paleo diet

Some of the people in this group are not familiar with the literature that I read and the wide range of observations that I am able to make each day in my practice that shows the impact that grains and dairy have on our health. I was presented with questions about the legitimacy of going on the Paleo Diet. When explained in a commonsense manner and when discussing the topic with someone that is willing to listen to a new concept, the idea of the Paleo Diet and why it works doesn’t seem so radical. After all, it is simply the consumption of real, unadulterated foods.

Food instead of medicine?

At this point in the conversation, I could not resist asking if the topic of diet ever came up in conventional medical clinics or discussions with doctors that were using the medications my friend sold. Sadly, he said no. To most Doctor’s, the topic of food as a path to wellness is a foreign concept given almost no credence. Why you might ask? Food does not make money, however, medications do. Telling someone what to eat and how to eat it is not going to produce the same revenue as selling an expensive patented medication that targets a specific condition. Evidently, a conflict of interest exists.


What evidence is there to justify these statements? You need look no further than one of the fastest growing segments of the healthcare population, the autoimmune patient. Autoimmunity, or when the body’s own immune system is attacking itself, is rapidly increasing and the primary causes appear to be environmental. Think about that for a second. That means things that you are exposed to routinely. Convention says suppresses the immune systems activities, and by doing so, you halt progression. This has become big business, so much so that of the top 10 selling medications, multiple positions are held by drugs aimed at controlling autoimmunity. Yet none of these medications address the cause. However, they do produce a consistent revenue stream.

Autoimmune; Of or relating to an immune response by the body against one of its own tissues, cells, or molecules.

Recommend the Paleo Diet – Not Big Pharma

Yet, if the environment is a factor, and a diet made up of potential health robbing foods is constantly consumed, there is likely a correlation between diet and disease, and not just autoimmune diseases. It is far far cheaper for us, to manage our health, than it is to manage disease. If you want proof of that, take a look at the Nation’s budget for healthcare. Somehow the pharmaceutical companies have found a way to be intertwined with every section of our health care system. From medical school all the way to everyday clinics, the indoctrination of medicine is ingrained. The question here really is why are you are not hearing the suggestion of following the Paleo lifestyle to improve your health and sense of well being.  You shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not it’s worth implementing, but more so why when it can benefit you so much, is it being ignored and suppressed by pharmaceutical companies who care nothing about your health and only about profits.

Something to think about!


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