5 Daily Detox Tips I Always Do

5 Daily Detox Tips I Always Do

How selfish of me.  I realized this morning I have not given you my 5 Daily Detox Tips I always do.  When I say I do these, there are no exceptions.  These are going to happen.

Time saving, simple and effective are how I would describe these.  Don’t hesitate to keep reading.  These are not going to take a lot of time or be hard to do.

Most detox solutions are too complicated.  Diets that take a lot of planning, exercising for crazy amounts of time.  Nope, none of that here.  Instead I am going to give you my daily detox tips.  Daily is the key word here.  Focus on implementing these into your lifestyle, and before you now it, you are detoxing every day without realizing it.

The Razor-Alcohol-Lavender Combination

I am starting with the razor-alcohol-lavender combination daily detox tip as it has been the one I have probably done the longest.  It really works.  The goal is to eliminate your current toxic deodorant.  Heavy metals, most commonly aluminum, coloring chemicals and hard to pronounce ingredients that no one knows what they do are extremely common in deodorants.

Rather than lathering on deodorant in the morning, eliminate the problem.  Body odor is caused by bacteria.  The more hair in your armpits, the more habit there is for bacteria.  Use the razor to keep your armpit hair trimmed close.  Then spray on a squirt of alcohol.  Alcohol is a known anti-bacterial.  It will reduce the number of body odor forming bacteria.  And if you like that fresh, clean smell, 2 drops of lavender essential oil under each arm does the trick

Does this work better than the “health food store” deodorant?  I never thought those worked well.  Those are second place to the razor-alcohol-lavender combination.

My Rainbow Daily Detox Tip

Which supplement should you take everyday to keep you health?  A multivitamin?  Fish oil?  Vitamin D?  How about none of these.  They are all irrelevant if you are still toxic.  There is one thing that I recommend everyone takes every day.  You should get it from food, but you don’t.  Toxins are hard to get out of the body, especially chemical toxins.  Almost nothing can bind to them to help remove them from the body, with one clear exception.  Antioxidants from plants.

Taking an antioxidant that captures the power of plants is a fundamental daily detox tip that I have used for several years.  It is hard to eat the rainbow of vegetables and fruits in the diet every day.  Adding supplemental support to make up the difference only makes sense.  At the core of my proprietary Food Function Freedom 5R process is Remove.  You have to remove toxins.  Antioxidants from plants do an amazing job of reducing your toxic burden.

Enjoy a Functional “Big Gulp” Everyday

If you read “Big Gulp” and thought I was directing you to the nearest 7-11, hold on.  The 7-11 “Big Gulp” is an excellent strategy for sabotaging your detox efforts.  Your daily “Big Gulp” is going to be functional, not dysfunctional.  I recommend having a functional drink or smoothie with some high quality protein.  Let me outline why this is a daily detox tip.

  • Protein is needed for detoxification
  • Functional Drinks offer lots of nutrients toxins depleted, without taking pills
  • Clean protein source with no chemicals
  • Cover up the taste of added vegetables, always a good thing
  • Easy Breakfast Replacement

An easy combination is a powdered protein, flax meal, chia seeds, almond milk, basil leaves and a half cup of your favorite vegetable or fruit.  Blend it up and you can even take it with you.  My favorite sources of protein for keeping you clean are organic pea protein and bone broth isolate protein.

Spring Has Sprung

Frustrating when you have to come into the house everyday and clean up someone else’s mess isn’t it?  That is what your body feels like.  The toxic water you consume needs to be replaced.  Maybe the most essential of all my daily detox tips is making sure that you are getting good clean water.  If you knew the number of toxins in the water, you would fall over.  There are more drugs in the local water supply than at most pharmacies.  Gasoline additives, household chemicals and heavy metals are only the beginning.  The point, don’t drink the water coming into your home unless you filter it.

Drink water that has been filtered.  The best filters are multi-step.  If you can drink clean spring water, that is your best option.  Don’t fall for the catchy names on water bottles that include “spring” in the title.  Most of those are bottled from the local water supply.  Another clean water daily detox tip that I recommend is drinking from stainless steel.  Stainless steel containers cups are extremely popular lately.  Popularity aside, one reason I drink from these is that they don’t leach toxins into my water.

Get Back in the Car

Do you pump your own gas?  Nearly all of us do.  It may seem commonsense not to let gasoline get on you.  Avoiding contact with gasoline is not enough though.  I started noticing a trend on sensitivity reports that I performed with patients.  Toluene.  Honestly, I had no idea what this was the first time I saw it.  It gives gasoline its characteristic smell.  It is toxic when inhaled.  If you stand beside your car when pumping gas, you are inhaling it.  Turn the nozzle on and get back in the car.  Do not stand beside the gas tank.

Bonus Daily Detox Tip – “Digging Deeper with Dr. Hill”

Before we conclude, I could not refrain from giving you a daily detox tip that could literally trump all the rest.  This tip is all about you, not the environment around you.  You see, nasty toxins are one thing, but stinking thinking is a whole other.  Anger, frustration, built up guilt and resentment are stinking thinking.  If you want to take out the stinky trash, that includes what is trapped between your ears.

By nature, I am not the philosophical type.  I am not telling you this as a general “healthy” recommendation.  The stress you impose on your body with your thoughts actually shuts down your detox systems.  You have to clear your mind to clear the toxins.  The next time you get worked up, ask yourself one question, “Is this going to matter 5 years from now?”  You will be blown away how often the answer to that question is no.

This post is a bit longer than some of my others.  Since I had unintentionally withheld this information from you, I felt like I really needed to share more.  I don’t want it to end here though.  There is even more that you can take advantage of.  I have been sharing daily detox tips to purge toxins, but you also have to avoid them.  That means knowing where to look.  I uncover MUST KNOW hidden sources in my FREE E-COURSE where I rip the blinds away and give you the real story.


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  1. Mary Anderson
    Mary Anderson says:

    Great tips and info. I use all natural toothpaste in lieu of deodorant. Was a little odd getting use to it at first (as with all changes), but works great.


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