Before Considering an Antidepressant, READ THIS FIRST

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Before considering an antidepressant, YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST.  Antidepressants are among the highest prescribed medications.  10 million Americans are depressed.  Another 10 million are dealing with anxiety.  That is a lot of your friends and neighbors.  It might even be you.  If it is, keep reading.  I am about to share with you exactly what to do to resolve you depression and anxiety.  But before I do, see if this sounds like you.

Does this Sound Like You?

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Inability to handle stress?
  • Not rested after long hours of sleep?
  • Restless mind?
  • Anger made worse with stress?

If any of that sounds familiar, you are not by yourself.  I have to empathize.  Depression is an uncomfortable place to be.  You shouldn’t feel the way you do.  Yet, no matter what you do, the feelings and thoughts don’t change.  No wonder so many resort to medication.  It can be a necessary crutch at times.

We have all had depressive thoughts.  But what can you do when they are present all the time?  This was the very question I started to ask when I started seeing more and more patients coming in with overt depression, or showing early indications.  Now I don’t want to be so narrow minded as to say that all depression is related to one cause.  However, I have seen a consistent pattern among patients with depression.

Most Common Overlooked Cause of Depression

“Why are you being so anal?”  “I have butterflies in my stomach before speaking publicly.”  Those 2 common sayings tell us that our gut and head are connected.  I have been publicly speaking for years and have a comfort with it.  But you know what.  Even after all these years, I still get a few butterflies in my gut before I get settled into my presentation.  It is the subtle feeling in the gut that alleviates after a few minutes.  But I don’t have gut issues according to my lack of symptoms and recent gut testing.  So what’s the connection?

If you have never thought about your gut as your second brain, then this is going to sound foreign.  Yet, I assure you it is very real.  In fact, it is the “secret trick” I have been using with depressed and anxious patients that is a game changer.  You should already know that I am not going to say antidepressants.  So what then?  Are you ready?  Before considering an antidepressant, consider bugs.  Not just any bug, but probiotics.  The good bacteria that live in your gut.  I don’t say this lightly, so take it seriously.  Keeping your head “screwed on straight” is as much about what is going on in your gut as it is your head.

Will Antidepressants Become Obsolete?

“Before considering an antidepressant, instead consider a probiotic.”  I am going to predict right now, this is what doctors of the future will be saying to their patients.  Let me tell you why I am so confident in this.  First, antidepressants don’t address the core problem.  They are a “band-aid”.  A needed one at times, but a “band-aid” nonetheless.  They do not rebuild the chemicals necessary to correct depression and anxiety.

Second, and this could be the most compelling reason, probiotics produce the chemicals in the brain.  Did you know that?  Thinking positive, being able to handle stress, “keeping your cool” and having better mental and physical energy are all linked to the beneficial bugs in your gut.  If the bugs in your gut are not plentiful and happy, you are not happy.  Maybe if momma is not happy, daddy should offer her some probiotics.  (Don’t do it guys, it will backfire on you.)

Are You Still Considering an Antidepressant?

Good, you followed through and read this post first.  How smart of you!  But I got you thinking.  Are you still considering an antidepressant?  Even if you are, you now know there is more that you can do.  First things first.  We need to make your probiotics, the healthy bacteria in your gut, healthy and happy.  That is where you must start.  So let me give you my two best tips for doing this.

  1. Give the probiotics what makes them happy.  Color and fiber.  The more vegetables you add to your diet, the more active probiotics become.  They start producing brain chemicals to break the depression and anxiety cycles.
  2. Stop poisoning your probiotics and killing them.  First you learned probiotics are necessary to control depression and anxiety, and now you learn you are killing them.  This doesn’t sound good for you.  No worries.  I knew you were going to need some support with this one.  I am going to help you identify the Hidden Food Toxins that are killing your probiotics.  But I can only help you if you access this FREE RESOURCE that will increase your probiotics.

If you start following these 2 awesome tips, happier days with more enjoyment are in your future.

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