What the EPA and USDA Really Know about Chemicals in Your Food

What the EPA and USDA Really Know about Chemicals in Your Food

“Trust us.  We are the government and we are here to help.”  Famous last words many groups and people have heard just before being hood-winked.  If you think the government has your best interest in mind when watching over your food, shame on you.  You are being naive.  Instead you should be asking, “What do they really know about the chemicals in your food?”  The answer may shock you.

The Chemicals in Your Food Are Safe

“The chemicals in your food are safe.”  Really?  They are chemicals.  There is nothing logical about that statement.  Chemicals were never meant, at any level, to be in your body.  The chemicals added to foods are meant to kill bugs and weeds.  If you consume enough of them, they will slowly kill you.  It is critical to abandon the mindset that any level of chemical is safe.  No level of chemical is safe.

There I was 3 days later still feeling the itch and annoyance of being stung.  Between trying to manage the burning itch and focus on an article I was reading, my mind started racing.  You see, 3 days earlier, I was outside helping my wife trim bushes.  Not thinking, I leaned over a smaller bush to reach the top of the bigger one behind.  That is when it happened.  The pain was instant.  If you have ever been stung, you know what I am referring to.  I had just stuck my knee right into a hidden yellow jacket nest.  It did not take long to figure out I was in the wrong place.

Fast forward 3 days, reading about the chemicals in your food and scratching an itch, and that is when it hit me.  There was the epiphany.  I now had real perspective.  If a single small dose of toxin from a yellow jacket can cause this much lasting impact, how much damage is occurring from repetitive exposure to chemicals in your food that by their nature are intended to kill.

Here is How to Get Someone to Believe Your Lie

The US EPA and its European equivalent could teach a course on how to sell the lie that glyphosate is safe.  How did they lull you into thinking it was safe?

First, the chemicals being applied to your food is not being talked about.  Do you know what glyphosate is?  It is only the toxin that is applied to all major staple crops in the US.  This means it ends up on nearly all of your food.  That should scare you.

Second, if you want to convince someone that something harmful is safe, use data that does not tell the full story.  The data used  by the government to assess safety came directly from the manufacturer of the chemical.  And in the last 30 years, the US EPA has not taken into consideration any additional data to the contrary.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it is reality.

Third, use different numbers to confuse the story.  This makes the real issue hard to pinpoint.  The US EPA says that a safe dose of glyphosate is almost 6 times higher than its European counterpart.  Six times higher.  Let me ask you something, going back to my yellow jacket analogy.  Which would have more negative impact, 1 yellow jacket sting or six?  Clearly six.  So how can you believe that what the EPA considers acceptable is safe?  You cannot.  Ironically they call the level that they consider acceptable, the “chronic Reference Dose”.  The name they apply to a “safe” level tells you everything you need to know.

What do the EPA and USDA Know, But are Hiding

The government knows things that they would prefer you did not.  Let me share with you what they know.

  • All data labeling chemicals in your food safe is outdated.
  • Chemicals in your food don’t work as well any more, so more of them are being added to your food.
  • Chemicals in your food are not just in your food.  They are in drinking, ground and bathing water.
  • It takes years, not days, for chemicals in your food to break down.
  • When chemicals in your food breaks down, the by product is likely even worse.
  • Nearly all chronic diseases, including cancer and thyroid disease, can be traced to the chemicals in your food.

Overcoming the Chemicals in Your Food

The only way you are going to remove the chemicals from your diet that you are not being told about is to know where to look for them.  Let me help.  This can be confusing without guidance, not to mention that new threats are constantly popping up.

I want you to go right now to my FREE RESOURCE that I developed with you in mind.  Why?  Because I knew that if I did not tell you what was going on, you were not going to hear it from anyone else.  If you don’t take advantage now, you will literally continue to be poisoned by the chemicals in your food.


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    thanks for your dedication to this… a much needed message to be told as often as possible to as many as will listen.


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