~Carnosine and Anserine ~Two Meat Antioxidants Not to Overlook

When I say antioxidants, you probably think of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selenium and a few plant nutrients. What if I told you meat contains its own unique antioxidants not found elsewhere? This is just the case. Carnosine and Anserine are two dipeptides (2 amino acids) found in meat that offer outstanding health benefits. Let me share with you where they can be found in greatest concentrations so you can harness the full value of their activity. From cardiovascular disease to diabetes to gastrointestinal dysfunction, these two nutrients will change the conversation about meat completely.

Misleading Orange Egg Yolk Color is Toxic – Ethoxyquin

If the name ethoxyquin didn’t already make you raise your eyebrows, the official name, 6-ethoxy-1,2-dihydro-2,2,4-trimethylquinoline is sure to. You have to hear my ethoxyquin story. It’s directly related to the eggs you are seeking out with the bright colored orange yolks. Those bright colored yolks may not be worth it when you find out what else is in the yolk and how you have been mislead. There is more to know about your eggs and their nutritional status than simply yolk color.

Animals (Ruminants) Unlock Plant Benefits Humans Cannot – Next Level Nutrition

Can you reduce the amount of plants you eat and still get the same benefit? Recently I had a chance to speak to two authorities on animal nutrition that have shown that the forage animals consume changes the nutritional characteristics of the meat products we consume. If you have ever felt that you were consuming too many plant in your diet with no positive impact, you have to watch this. Let’s talk about what the science shows.

Thank you to Dr. Fred Provenza and Dr. Stephan Van Vliet for their work in the fields of animal and human nutrition and their willingness to share their knowledge.

Leaky Gut Solutions Webinar with Dr. Hill

You have heard of leaky gut. Maybe even made an attempt to improve it. How were the results? Still struggling? If this is you, listening to this webinar is your next step. In the “Leaky Gut Solution” webinar, I am going to help you understand the real problem, identify causes and lay out a process for resolution. I am even going to give you resources to follow up with.


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Dr. Arland Hill Lab Test Explanation

Leah Hill, new patient liaison for Dr. Arland Hill, explains how to complete the testing that has been recommended for you at Genesis Wellness.

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Start with Dysbiosis to Address Food Allergies

Food allergies and sensitivities are extremely common, in fact much more so than they used to be. Why is that? The answer lies in your gut.

The gut is intimately connected to the immune system and without creating balance here, you cannot reasonably expect to reduce your allergies or sensitivities. Keep watching the other videos in this series to better understand the many roles your gut takes on every day and how you can improve it.

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Permanently Balance Hormones? Only if You Address the Gut-Hormone Connection

Hormone balance is key to good health and everyone wants it. So why do some struggle with achieving it? To answer this question, you have to understand that hormones are influenced by other systems in the body.

In this video, I (Dr. Arland Hill) explore one connection to the gastrointestinal tract. Knowing this information could completely change your hormones and your future.

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Super Foods: You Haven’t Heard This

Superfoods are presented as the most ideal foods to consume due to their outstanding health benefits. In fact, most of what you hear is true.

But, there is another side to this story altogether that you haven’t heard and seemingly no one else wants to talk about.

In this video I, Dr. Arland Hill, am going to share what I deem as the most important facts you need to understand when it comes to superfoods. This WILL change the way you think about using these foods.

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Musculoskeletal Applications for Biotics Research Products

Dr. Arland Hill discusses the many options that Biotics Research Corporation offers to support musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Hill routinely implements these protocols with his own patients. Practitioners will have novel and proven options for common complaints such as arthritis, sprains, herniated discs, muscle injuries, spasms and low back and neck pain.

In this video, you will understand how to apply the different products through the phases of care to promote the best possible outcome for the patient. Patients will also benefit from watching this video and develop a better understanding of how professional nutrition can improve their dysfunction.

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Causes of Fatigue and Sleepiness – The Most Common Overlooked Cause

WAIT! DON’T GO!  THIS ARTICLE IS DIFFERENT.  If you are looking for causes of fatigue and sleepiness, but don’t want to hear the same blah, blah reasons that show up on every website, then keep reading.  This article is not about quick fix schemes that are going to give you an immediate burst of energy in the next few hours only to have you crash even harder. This article is simply about getting you to think differently about your fatigue.  By doing so, you will feel better.  No today, not tomorrow, but definitely in the weeks to come.  Best yet, it will be lasting.

Fatigue Frustration – Why It Will Get Worse

Frustrated by your fatigue?  Most patients I work with are frustrated by their fatigue when I start working with them.  The solutions that you hear all sound good, at first anyway.  But they all have shortcomings, most of which can be narrowed down to two things.  First, there are many causes of fatigue, and not personalizing it sets you up for failure.  Second, at this still stuns me, is that one of the greatest contributors to your fatigue has been overlooked.  It has been overlooked by you, your family and friends, and yes, even your doctor.

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