8 Reasons Beef is the Perfect Energy Food – Plus a Bonus

No other food contains the quantity (and quality) of energy boosting nutrients as beef. Ironically this food is not a common recommendation for fatigue. If you want lasting energy and not just another quick pick me up, watch this video to learn why beef has to be a part of your diet.

The Mysteries of the Thyroid with Dr. Arland Hill

Thyroid function is often oversimplified leading to lack of positive outcomes with conventional interventions. The thyroid hormone system, not just gland, is very dynamic and should be appreciated as such. Let’s take a look at how the thyroid functions and what it takes for optimal function, with or without medication.

The Role of Immunity Webinar with Dr. Arland Hill

Need a basic understanding of the immune system and some novel ideas of how to support it? This is the video for you. I am going to speak casually about how the immune system operates while giving you some great tips to fortify it. These are not going to be the same old recommendations you hear everywhere else. Don’t believe me? Well, if you want to know about n-chlorotaurine and how to get your body to make this potent bacteria, virus and fungal killer, watch now.

The Art of Meal Prep Webinar with Dr. Arland Hill

Picking the right foods routinely can be a challenged. Wouldn’t it be nice to not think about selecting the right foods for your needs for a couple of days? Meal prepping can help. If you have never meal prepped you have no idea how many benefits you are missing out on. Let me walking you through meal prepping, give you a tool for meal planning and show you how easy it is to eat good food at every meal with minimal effort.

Is Taurine a Missing Link for Optimal Human Health? – More Benefits of Beef

Necessary for handling stress and anxiety, critical for normal childhood development and even essential for your household pets, this nutrient is not coming from plants. No, we are going to talk about taurine, a nutrient unique to meat. While you may have heard about taurine peripherally, chances are you don’t have a complete appreciation for the number of benefits it has. It could even be argued that taurine, due to its conditionally available nature, is a missing link to optimal human health in today’s world.

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Correcting Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies – What’s the Role for Beef?

Consuming been if about more than just eating a satisfying meal. In fact, as I have seen with patients, beef can be therapeutic. Imagine that, food that taste could and is the foundation for optimal health. Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, metabolites, antioxidants) that we depend on can be supplied by beef in quantities that exceed those of other foods. Here’s an example of a typical individual and the difference that grass finished beef can make.

6 Reasons Orange Egg Yolks are a False Indicator

Does egg yolk color matter? Yes, it does. Pale eggs are not ideal and indicate that the quality of the egg is lacking. Then this must mean that eggs with rich orange egg yolks are the best choice. Unfortunately, this deduction is much too simplistic. Egg yolk color can change. Here I am going to give you six reasons to rethink how you look at eggs. Most importantly, you need to listen to this so you know how to avoid the lurking toxicity in bright colored eggs that isn’t being talked about. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t hearing this elsewhere. It would derail the narrative you have been told and make you lose trust in your current egg supplier.

Increase Your Understanding of Micronutrient Testing

Are you looking to increase your understanding of micronutrient testing?

Dr. Arland Hill shares the options available to clinicians to help them dramatically reduce the learning curve and immediately begin to feel more confident in the recommendations they are making to their patients.

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Best Strategies for Boosting Your Gut Microbiome with Dr. Arland Hill and Virginia Rodriquez Perlado

Been looking for a video with ideas about how to boost the Gut Microbiome? Dr. Hill and Virginia share ideas that you can easily implement. These aren’t just random musings about what might be beneficial. No, these are proven strategies that they have both seen work with patients. Take a look and learn something that you haven’t seen before.

Carnitine, Grass Finished Beef and TMAO, Beyond Fat Burning and Cardiovascular Disease

Carnitine is one of many carni-nutrients found in red and white meats. The conversation around carnitine often is limited to fat burning, yet carnitine has much more to offer. Despite it being suggested as a contributor to cardiovascular disease, reality shows carnitine to be a critical part of human physiology.