MILPA Project- Growing THICK Food Plots with BIG Advantages
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MILPA Project – Growing THICK Food Plots with BIG Advantages

What is MILPA?

I had never heard of MILPA either. However, after reaping all the benefits of this gardening technique, it is now one of my go to options for producing lots of food in a small area with little to no effort.

No seriously, I did nothing to this food plot except harvest food and seeds for next year.

Should MILPA be your next choice for a garden? Follow this short documentary of 8 months as I, Dr. Arland Hill, walk you through what is sure to be your next garden.

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Still Avoiding Potatoes? Unbelievable What This Farmer Claims!

Avoiding Potatoes?  Still?  You won’t believe what this farmer (and expert functional medicine doctor) claims.

This information is going to turn your ideas about potatoes upside down and explain why so many people have it wrong when it comes to eating them. In this video, I will show you first hand why you want to listen to me.

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No Land to Plant- Perfect Back Porch Edible Landscape

No Land to Plant- Perfect Back Porch Edible Landscape

“I live in the city and don’t have anywhere to plant anything.” Yep, I’m guilty of telling myself that same lie.

I had plenty of places to plant once I stopped limiting myself to traditional planting models. You do too. My wife Leah is a pro at setting back porch edible landscapes.

In this video, she joined me, Dr. Arland Hill, DC, MPH, DACBN, to give you an up close and personal view of her personal masterpiece on our own back porch.

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What the EPA and USDA Really Know about Chemicals in Your Food
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10 Reasons You Can No Longer Ignore an Edible Landscape

Kicking around the idea of an edible landscape? Let lifetime farmer and functional nutrition expert Dr.Arland Hill share the top 10 reasons why the longer you wait to start your edible landscape, the more you will regret it.

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Stop Killing Your Edible Landscape

STOP Killing Your Edible Landscape! Watching this video will save you literally 100’s of dollars and hours of failed work.

Mistakes, yes I, Dr. Arland Hill, have made several when it comes to edible landscapes. Learn from my mistakes and start producing a highly productive, edible landscape in weeks, not months.

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Check out my video on how to Start an Edible Landscape.



3 Critical Reasons Roundup Alternatives are a Must

Dr. Arland Hill rips the vale back and shares three reasons why you should be looking for alternatives to Roundup. Whether you are risking accidental exposure through your food or carelessly continue to use it on your lawn or garden, you will be compelled to take action after listening to what Doc shares.

Here is a link to an article on the presence Roundup’s active ingredient, glyphosate, in food.

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What? Treat Your Gut Like a Compost Pile!

Your Compost Pile Options- Scaling Size to Meet Your Needs



Hi, everyone. Dr. Arland Hill here with you and I wanted to review a couple of compost pile options for you. I like to think about the compost pile as multivitamins for your ground and soil that you’re going to be planting in.  It provides a ton of nutrients that you’re just not going to be able to find elsewhere, specifically one that is very well missing from a lot of different options out there is carbon. When you compost, you’re able to put organic material, carbon, back into your soil. Humus is going to be added back to the soil.

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