5 Fatigue Myths You Don't Want to Believe, but Do

Before Considering an Antidepressant, READ THIS FIRST

Before considering an antidepressant, YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST.  Antidepressants are among the highest prescribed medications.  10 million Americans are depressed.  Another 10 million are dealing with anxiety.  That is a lot of your friends and neighbors.  It might even be you.  If it is, keep reading.  I am about to share with you exactly what to do to resolve you depression and anxiety.  But before I do, see if this sounds like you.

Does this Sound Like You?

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Inability to handle stress?
  • Not rested after long hours of sleep?
  • Restless mind?
  • Anger made worse with stress?

If any of that sounds familiar, you are not by yourself.  I have to empathize.  Depression is an uncomfortable place to be.  You shouldn’t feel the way you do.  Yet, no matter what you do, the feelings and thoughts don’t change.  No wonder so many resort to medication.  It can be a necessary crutch at times.

We have all had depressive thoughts.  But what can you do when they are present all the time?  This was the very question I started to ask when I started seeing more and more patients coming in with overt depression, or showing early indications.  Now I don’t want to be so narrow minded as to say that all depression is related to one cause.  However, I have seen a consistent pattern among patients with depression.

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