How to Boost Testosterone in 2 Weeks, No Pellets, Shots or Creams

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I have had a surge in guys asking how to boost testosterone.  The first thing I tell them is that if you are listening to all the conventional gibberish about raising testosterone, then I cannot help you.  Why?  Simple!  Because your box isn’t big enough for me.  If testosterone is going to increase on my watch, it’s because I taught you that there is more to correcting your issue than using a pellet, cream or injection to raise a lab number.

Are You Still a Man?

Are you still a man?  What makes a man?  More testosterone?  Wrong!  Kick butt, consistent motivation and energy, a solid physique with ample muscle, strength and lower fat, and a demanding libido with the ability to perform.  This is after all the stereotypical male image for a reason.

However, let me share with you what does not define a man.  A testosterone score under 300.  If you are under 300, you probably don’t feel your best, but here’s the reality.  A lab value is at best a guide.  If waiting until you hit 300 or below on your blood testosterone levels is how you define that it’s time to take action, your manhood will continue to slip away from you long before you should have taken action.  Point being, if you don’t feel like the stereotypical man, it’s time to take action now!

How to Boost Testosterone

Gentlemen, and the ladies that love you, I have decided to not hold anything back this time.  I have to share the details with you of getting your testosterone back.  Your jobs, your relationships, your finances and your dignity and self-respect depend on it.  So if something I share doesn’t resonate the first time you read it, read it again.

How to Boost Testosterone with Fewer Hormones

The mindset is to add more.  If testosterone is low, you need to take more.  I beg to differ.  If testosterone is low, it’s time to decrease the hormones.  Specifically, I am speaking of those substances that mimic hormones, especially estrogen.  Alright guys, did that get your attention.  Too much estrogen-like substances may be your problem.  If you think this doesn’t include you, think again.  I have not met a single guy that can prove to me he completely avoids chemicals that mimic estrogen.

The Hidden Hormones Crushing Your Testosterone

Plastics, the smell of gasoline, any food made with wheat, corn or dairy, cleaning products, toiletries and

r are among the most common areas you are being exposed.  And this is by no means an exclusive list.  Here is the real kicker.  You cannot get rid of these by simply no longer being exposed to these chemicals.  They have a high affinity for staying in the body once they have entered.  They aren’t going to leave.  You need to take action.

These hormone disrupting chemicals are only going to leave the body with support.  It is not going to happen on its own, and certainly not within the next 2 weeks.  If you are going to debate on removing the sources of these chemicals, then don’t comment to me when you still feel like a slug with not motivation or drive.  These are a proven problem and the effects are only becoming more recognized, not less.  So what’s is going to be, avoid the chemicals and remove the ones built up in your body, or assume the chemicals you are being exposed to are not relevant?

And you never even knew to ask this question when you where attempting to figure out how to boost testosterone.

Maximizing Your Testosterone in One Step

It is clear, when I think about how to boost testosterone, number one is remove the chemicals that mimic estrogen.  With no other intervention, when you remove estrogen-like chemicals, they stop opposing the action of testosterone.  The testosterone to estrogen ratio shifts can begin to work for you.  You literally feel more of the super-charged benefits of testosterone, without ever increasing the total amount.  Just allowing what you already have to work better.  How simple is that!  And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why every testosterone support protocol does not start here.  It’s just commonsense to get the most out of what you already have.

This is accomplished by facilitating bio-transformation.  Don’t sweat the term.  It’s a five dollar word for what most of us refer to as detox.  It’s not the purging method of detox.  That’s not going to touch testosterone lowering, estrogen-like chemicals.  Instead, you have to fortify with the building and revitalizing nutrients your body depends on.  Your body can be a beast of a detoxifying machine, but only if you provide the stimulation its looking for.

Listen, I deal with all types of patients with just about anything that you can imagine going on.  No matter what they see me for, the first step right after we work to get on the same page about the way I am going to help them rebuild their health and not throw a “false solution” at them, is to remove what is preventing them from optimizing their health.  This includes estrogen-like chemicals.

SRTD – What is It and Do You Have It?

SRTD leads the pack as one of the most common reasons low testosterone is affecting you and your buddies.  Now, you can be like the number of hard-headed, know it all guys that I have dealt with and lie to me (and Yourself) that you are not dealing with this, or you can accept you are and get back on the path to raising testosterone.  I sleep enough each night.  My diet is good.  I do the right type and duration of exercise.  I don’t let my job get to me or have any worries.  Does that sound like you?  If so, you are almost guaranteed to have SRTD because you are in denial.

The man crushing condition SRTD stands for Stress Related Testosterone Decline.  You haven’t heard of this.  Don’t worry.  Apparently neither has anyone that runs a low testosterone clinic or claims that only giving testosterone replacement is the best solution.  Stress is cumulative.  That’s right, it adds up.  Whether you give credit to the negative effects that it is having or not, it is real.  In case you are wondering why I am so confident in my position on this.  It’s because I have science and clinical experience on my side.

How Does SRTD Begin?

SRTD is not an elusive state of dysfunction.  When you miss sleep, do you feel like the best version of yourself?  No you don’t!  That’s because you didn’t give your body time to recover and rebuild your hormones at night.  Now imagine taking a single stress like lack of sleep, combining it with 50 more each day, and multiplying that my 5 years.  I hope after logically thinking through that, you are still trying to tell yourself that stress does not affect you.

Here is the bottom line.  The nutrients you need to make hormones like cortisol, your stress hormone and testosterone, are all the same.  No difference.  Unfortunately gentlemen, there is not an endless supply.  In fact your supply if very finite.  This means if you are using more hormone precursors for stress management, that leaves a very small amount for testosterone.  Worse yet, if you exhaust how much you are using total, not only do you have enough to make testosterone, you start declining.  This is low testosterone.

How to Boost Testosterone at the Core

Thank goodness for you this is one of the easiest causes of low testosterone to address.  All it takes is a pill containing a single vitamin.  And you don’t have to take this one before sex or for the rest of your life, assuming you deal with the real issue, your stress.  You cannot run the well dry and expect to still get water.  What would filling up your testosterone well mean for you?  Are productivity, physical appearance and stamina at the top of the list.  With a dose each day, you can have your testosterone well primed and ready to produce.

The nutrient that gets this done is B5.  I will make the claim that this is probably the most under recognized and under utilized nutrient for building testosterone.  All of the steroid hormones depend on B5 as their precursor.  If you want to start the flow of testosterone, and its synergistic hormones, DHEA and androstenedione, to start feeling like the man you know you are, it has to begin with this nutrient.  Rather than you depend on replacement, doesn’t being able to make your own testosterone sound even better.  All it takes is B5, aka pantothenic acid, to get the process started.

How to Boost Testosterone by Connecting the Loop

I want to share something with you that I learned early on when trying to figure out what worked long term for boosting testosterone.  What I saw was that almost every way I researched for how to boost testosterone depended on a one step approach.  Frankly, that just seemed to easy.  It takes more than one step for your body to produce and use testosterone.  Therefore, what senses does it make to think that replacing only testosterone is going to really fix the issue.

Michael’s Story for How NOT to Boost Testosterone

Apathetic, depressed, no drive, zero libido.  You got this one figured out don’t you.  He has low testosterone.  Only problem with your diagnosis is that Michael had already been to 3 other providers before asking me for help.  He didn’t have low testosterone.  In fact, when I checked him, his levels were so high, the lab literally stopped registering them.  This guy was testosterone toxic.  There is a term you should hang on to to make sure it does not happen to you because when it does, you have a disconnected loop.

Being testosterone toxic causes your body to no longer listen to testosterone.  It shuts down the communication between your brain and testosterone producing centers, aka the loop, shuts down.  Poor Michael ignored the loop.  He couldn’t wrap his head around more testosterone not being the answer.  Ultimately he failed and left with the same symptoms he presented with.

Could the Story Have Been Different

I despise seeing patients fail, especially when better decision making good have changed the outcome.  Michael’s story could have been different.  Thinking about how to boost testosterone must include the loop.  If the brain isn’t telling the testes and adrenal glands to produce testosterone, this is the core problem.  Giving more testosterone often makes this scenario worse, not better.  Communication enhancers are often the best choice to get the brain and testosterone producing centers to chat.

Getting the brain involved is the key.  Making the right decision to insure that their is sufficient communication from the brain, specifically the pituitary gland, can reinforce testosterone production at an unparalleled level for years to come.

Low T, NOT Me

I have unloaded a lot information and written an article that is about twice as long as what I typically write, and I still have more that could be said.  A lot more.  But my goal is that from this point going forward, when you think about how to boost testosterone, you will no longer settle for a generic recommendation of simply adding more testosterone into a protocol.  If you do, I am disappointed, because your path to raising testosterone could have been so much more.  Ask yourself how much better your outlook on being a man could be after the next 2 weeks.

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