At Home Interval Workout – No Equipment Required

At home workout-That works

Do you not have enough time to go out to the gym and get your daily workout in? I hear this in my practice a lot. If so, you’re probably looking for some at home workouts that you can do. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you’re going to be happy to know that this article has you covered. This easy at home workout is going to get you sweating and in great shape in no time. This at home workout isn’t going to require any equipment and it’s been designed for people that want to lose weight very quickly, but they also do not want to spend any money on going to a gym or gym equipment.

Easy Workout Schedule

All you need in order to complete the workout plan below is your own body and just a little bit of time. In total, this at home workout should only take you 15-minutes or less per day to complete. Also, this isn’t one of those at home workout that you need to do every single day to be successful. Instead, you should do these workouts on the following days:


Overall, you’re going to be performing 6 different exercises and a grand total of 15 minutes or less or until failure. Follow the list below to complete the total workout. Do the exercises in the order that has been specified. There should be no rest between each exercise, unless otherwise specified. As soon as you’re finished with one, you should hop directly into the next exercise.

If the interval below is too difficult for you to complete, you could add a 10-20 second break between each exercise. As you continue going, you will notice that your endurance and overall fitness level is beginning to increase quite substantially. If you find that the interval below is too easy for you or becomes too easy, you could try resting for a couple minutes after completing the whole interval and then doing it again.

Squats – 2 minutes or until failure.
Lunges – 2 minutes or until failure.
Jumping jacks – 2 minutes or until failure.
2- minute rest period.
Pushups – 2 minutes or until failure.
Mountain Climbers – 2 minutes or until failure.
Dips – 2 minutes or until failure.
1-minute cool-down period. Don’t sit down.

Easier than you think!

This workout is designed to give you a full at home bodyweight workout. In other words, you’re going to be targeting a ton of different muscles in your body. Even though this at home workout doesn’t require weights, although you can add some if you wish, you’re going to get quite a workout after doing this interval. This interval definitely is not going to be an easy one to complete, even though you may think the opposite.

One of the best things about this at home workout is the fact that you can start doing it today. You don’t have to go to a gym and it isn’t going to take much time to do. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any excuses.



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