Are You Trapped In a Bad (Food) Relationship?

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Have you ever met a person that you just immediately related to?  We all have at some point.  Maybe that person went on to become a good friend or even a mate.  These types of encounters are not the norm.  However, each of us has an increased desire for these types of reactions.  We want to align ourselves with people that are similar to us.  We find harmony with people that we relate to.  In fact, we often go out of our way to seek additional interaction with those that we mesh with.

In contrast, there are those people that we cannot get away from quick enough.  You know the kind I am talking about.  They just annoy you.  You make attempts to avoid interaction and will go out of your way to not have to talk to them.  What you may not know is that this type of relationship and interaction is not limited to people.  In fact, you are having this same type of response every day and not even realizing it with things you encounter.  This lack of realization is leading you down a path of frustration, weight gain, lack of energy and moodiness.

Every Relationship Struggles, Even Yours

The single biggest tumultuous relationship that you are embroiled in everyday is not with your family or a coworker.  Instead, it is with food.  Yes, food!  And this unhealthy relationship that you have is based on a series of decisions that you make daily based off of convenience.  I see your eyes rolling back in your head right now.  That’s okay.  I hear you.  You don’t believe what I am saying.  Let me share with you your own day.  And best yet, let’s start first thing in the morning.  As I think we can agree, if the day starts off wrong, it’s likely to go all downhill from there.

The Pitfall of Relationship “Routines”

The alarm clock goes off and the race begins.  As a mom, you have to figure out what you are going to feed your kids and secondarily yourself.  You know that the kids would benefit from a meal with a high-quality protein like eggs and a side of sweet potato hash browns.  Now as I am giving this example of your morning, you are already starting to calculate how much time this is going to take.  As your kids are getting ready for school, they grab a bowl of “gluten free” cereal, a muffin or the like.  Then you have to think about yourself.  You have to eat, so you might as well grab a protein bar.  But who are you kidding.  The kid’s choices, nor yours, are what you should be eating.  Moreover, this is not a day for you, but a trend or pattern that you are in.

Are You Trapped In a Bad (Food) Relationship?

Are You Trapped In a Bad (Food) Relationship?

Lack of Excitement in the Relationship (with Food)

When you think of the process of preparing better food options, your thoughts begin to shift into the direction of how long is this going to take, what extra effort am I going to encounter, what if someone does not like what I prepare, etc.  The disconnection from food is blurring your judgement about the benefits around food.  After our spiritual and human relationships, the next closest relationship that you should have is to food.  After all, food is life, literally.  Think about that feeling that you get when you see someone that you enjoy spending time with.  They bring a smile to your face.  When is the last time you had this kind of excitement around food, especially a healthy food?

Let’s be honest mom.  You have control over all the decisions around food.  The relationship that you want your family to have with food begins with the relationship that you have with food.  You have to find that excitement again for yourself for others to embrace your example.  I want to help you start.  This frustration that you are experiencing is not necessary and I want you to know that there is something that you can do about it.

Repair a Broken Relationship

Before I offer you help, I want you to promise me something.  If I am going to share this insight with you, you cannot just sit on it.  You actually have to take action.  Intention without action does not equal change.  And think big picture here.  Those feelings of lower energy, moodiness, overall poorer health than what you had just a few years prior, are what will change.  But this only happens if you first change the relationship with food to one that excites you.

We all like to receive things as gifts.  It makes us feel special and valued in the relationship.  Every time you partake of quality food choices, you are receiving a gift.  You are getting critical nutrients to give you more energy, precursors to brain chemicals that make your mind feel more alive and help slim your waist line.  Now let me ask you.  If I offered you things every day that kept you mentally alert, full of energy and gave you a firm waistline, would you think positively of me when you saw me each day?  Of course, you would.

Well, I am telling you that you can have the same feeling from food each day.  Build those positive emotions with food and watch how much it continues to give back to you.  The great thing about food is that you never have to worry about it running out of gifts or not wanting to give any longer.  It will always be there for you.

I know breakfast can be the toughest meal of the day, so let me offer you one of my best resources.  This is such a great tool, I cannot even believe that I am just giving it away, but I know how crucial it is to be connected to food.  So, please accept this.  If you don’t, I will have failed in helping you . . . and your family.  Let’s be winners together and get you reconnected to food!



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