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Paleo and Mediterranean Diets Lower Cancer Risk

The Paleo and Mediterranean diets are often talked about for their health promoting benefits. Both are considered to have been used by various populations for many years. The longevity of use of the Paleo and Mediterranean diets has been one of the primary reasons that many still look to these diets when making food choices. […]


Standard American Diet Increases Acidity

If you have read about the standard American Diet, you will know that it is not a diet that promotes acid-base balance. In fact, there is not much that the standard American Diet and health have in common, if anything. The idea of acid-based balance to promote health is a common topic, but one that […]


What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

At first mention, you might think of cavemen and chasing animals with primitive weapons when someone mentions the paleo lifestyle.  However, we live in a world far different than our predecessors.  Vehicles and the ever-so-convenient grocery store have taken the place of walking and gathering or hunting our own sustenance.  Yet what has not changed […]


Standard American Diet . . . The Wrong Direction

Just the name, the standard American diet, sounds monotonous and boring. Think about it. The word standard used in this context implies uniformity. It suggests that everything is consistent and there is lack of variation. The underlying tone is that individuals are eating the same thing throughout the population. In this case, that is detrimental […]


Why am I always tired?

Fatigue is Rampant If you are fatigued, you are not by yourself. Fatigue is one of the most common complaints presented to healthcare practitioners. Just look around on the shelves in checkout lines in the grocery stores. They are filled with energy support products. Better yet, visit your local convenient store and look in the […]