About us

Genesis Wellness

Creating Optimal Health


Genesis Wellness began as the extension of Complete Care Chiropractic. Still serving patients, Complete Care Chiropractic specializes in muscle, bone and joint care. However, it did not best provide a model where patients seeking support for ailments that are best addressed through lifestyle and nutritional intervention could maximize their care. Those patients looking for support with such conditions deserved a structured approach that was unique to them. As such, Genesis Wellness emerged with its own exceptional characteristics that provided a more efficient platform for care of patients with unique needs.

In working with Genesis Wellness, you will first want to appreciate the name. Much deliberation went into the choice of a name. What embodies who we are? What is our message? Who do we want to serve? What will this clinic stand for? Along with these and many other questions, it only seemed logical Genesis Wellness became the name. Genesis is the beginning, the origin or the formation. To promote the formation of good health, we must start at the beginning. What influences a person’s choices? My message is irrefutable truth. Food is the single most important factor in overall health. The beginning, or genesis, of optimal health starts with food. Everything we needed for optimal health we had in the beginning. This fact is clearly drawn out in the verses of the Book of Genesis in the Bible. To understand the journey one must go through for optimal health, it is essential to understand their origin, their beginning, their genesis. Genesis Wellness is here to serve those how are not looking for the fastest fix, but an enduring solution. It best serves those who are looking for a new beginning towards optimal health.

My Mission

“Optimal Health is a Choice that Begins with Reconnecting to Food.”

The motto is simple and the mission is straightforward. Everyone has a choice. Not some, but everyone. The primary determinant in whether or not you make the best choice for your health is you. However, I recognize that understanding how to make this choice, or even having the best, or appropriate source of knowledge to make this choice with is not always possible. My mission is to guide your choices towards optimal health. This starts with food and recognizing that food is the basis for optimal health.

The Practice

What’s different? That is what most people want to know. Why wouldn’t you want to know this? After all, you are not looking for the same care you have had before. Otherwise, you wouldn’t likely be interested in Genesis Wellness in the first place.

The difference is the process. The process is tried, its proven and it works. I call it Food, Function, Freedom. Having worked in the healthcare field as long as I have, you see what works and what does not. You learn to embrace the fundamentals that are known to support optimal health. This unquestionably begins with food. My practice, the dedicated staff, and myself work not to move you through as a patient. Instead, we help you move through the Food, Function, Freedom process and celebrate with you the restoration of your health. Learn more about Food, Function, Freedom.