About Nutrition

Functional nutrition is a health paradigm that continues to gain momentum. Ironically, it is the oldest health paradigm. Even though medications continue to rule the landscape, the acknowledgement of their short comings grows by the day. With more attention brought to this fact, the demand for functional nutrition is primed for a resurgence. And why would it not be? The very basis of life is food and the nutrition it provides. Therefore, the logic of why you should consider functional nutrition makes even more sense.

Prevailing thought is that if you have a symptom, use a medication to suppress it. This is accomplished through changing the way the body functions through the action of a chemical, often with side effects. Such unintended consequences are the result of manipulating the way the body functions and rarely serve your long term benefit. Medications are meant to be a temporary support most of the time, not a lifestyle.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Hippocrates quote still says it best. Food is medicine. No it is not high strength, alter your body type of medicine. Food and nutrition are far superior. The wisdom that is assumed to come along with well researched medications is dismal at best compared to food and the nutrition that it offers. The innate, ingrained benefits of food are so intelligent that there nourishing effects can literally be experienced throughout the entire body.

Medicine Be Thy Food

Food reconnects us to the essence of who we are and replenishes our physical being. It supports and restores systems in our body. The ailments that you have are alleviated by using nutrition to bring not a system, but all systems back into balance. All systems in your body working harmoniously is the genesis of optimal health. Nutrition addresses not just the immediate symptom you are experiencing, but sets the stage for life-long sustainable health.

By working with Genesis Wellness, you will find your specific recipe for using nutrition to improve and optimize your health. Learn more about the Food, Function, Freedom process.